Synopsis of 1×8: Theo struggles with a new addiction, while Ben begins investigations of himself without any memory of his crimes and Laura continues to run her Red Zone clinic.

The episode opens on Theo (Eddie Ramos), who seems to have lost control of himself with the administration of drugs to his system. With two doses of the Rage drug, he easily beats his opponent to death, and nearly attacks his partner, without thinking once about why he chose this life. 

For Ben (Sean Teale), he has Hendrick (Damon Herriman) erase his true self (Aaron) in order to pass any screenings and interrogation that Julian (Dennis Haysbert) can administer. However, having passed the screening, he now begins to work with Julian to uncover the truth of Roger’s (Douglas Nyback) death.

A truth that he ultimately succeeds in finding. He and Julian trace Roger’s car, leading them to the site of Elena’s father’s now destroyed restaurant. And with precise technological readings, Ben is able to recreate an image of the attack on Roger, revealing himself as the killer. 

This lack of “Aaron” actually makes Ben a better person. He seems more committed to his job and even reaches out in sincerity to his wife, who finally reveals that she is operating a clinic in the Red Zone. The thing that has bothered me the most throughout this series is that I honestly like Laura (Allison Miller). She’s the only honest person in the show and I will hate to see her heartbroken when it turns out her husband has simply been using her this entire time. 

Her’s is the most interesting storyline in the show. She has fully embraced her role in the Red Zone clinic, servicing anyone who can come to her. In one incident, she resets a mechanical heart, only to trigger the tech company that a stolen machine is being tampered with. Luckily for her, the clinic is run by Goran, who is able to muscle his way into the company’s good graces, and keep them out of the clinic forever. 

For Hendrick, he prefers an “Aaron”-less world. Without any memory of Aaron, there is no risk of his own identity and past being revealed. Unfortunately for him, Ben is too smart and set failsafes in place that would force Hendrick to reinstate Ben’s true memories or risk his and his family’s safety.

Once again, Ben just isn’t a good person. He is so obsessed with his own vendetta to save Elena (Denyse Tontz) that he is willing to risk the safety and lives of innocents like Hendrick’s little daughter. It’s hard to root for the main character when he’s kind of a dick. 

The show comes to an end in just two more episodes and it’s unclear at this point if there will be a second season. Maybe we’ll see Ben become a better person. Maybe Laura will find out the truth about Ben and Elena, but choose to overturn the company for the good of everyone rather than personal goals. Guess we have to watch to find out. 

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