Synopsis for 03×09: The ultimate battle of good versus evil feels like it is drawing near, but the team has to protect Shangri-la first from a man dead set on controlling it. Their quest causes them to cross paths with Charlene who has been in hiding all along. 

A collector of various objects and creatures was approached by two men in hideous taupe suits and given the map to Shangri-La. It just so happened that Jake Stone was there training with the monkey king who oversaw Shangri-La and ruled over it with peace and justice. At first it looked like Jake was going toe to toe with the monkey king in a fight, but it turned out that he was there to receive martial arts training. 

Flynn, back at the Library, found Jenkins in a room full of candles. He asked about it and Jenkins explained that it was the chamber of memories and the candles burning around them represented the souls of people connected to the Library. If the candle was lit, it meant they were alive. When the candle went out, they had passed. The room had been gone but recently reappeared and Jenkins had good news: Charlene was still alive. 

He had bad news, too: Flynn’s candle was not looking too hot. While Eve had a multi-tiered candle with bright, burning flames, Flynn’s was nearly melted to the wick. It made sense given his experience in the Bermuda Triangle and the knowledge that he may have to sacrifice himself to use the pendant he fought hard to attain. With grim prospects ahead of him, Flynn tried to shake it off.

Back at Shangri-La, after Jake was told his training was complete, he and the monkey king were ambushed by ninjas. They worked for Lan, the collector from the start of the episode, and he was there to collect the staff and take Shangri-La for himself. Jake took a tranquilizer dart but managed to struggle his way out of the situation and to a door to get back to the Library. He had to leave the monkey king behind, knocked out. 

At the Library Cassandra played with her enhanced ability. It was far more encompassing, a single word bringing calculations and algorithms into the world. They filled the room and she, in a bit of a panic, tried to turn them off. Eve caught her in the midst of it and Cassandra admitted her worries about the new manifestation of her power, not sure how to use it, or if she should. She admitted that she could put suggestions into people’s minds, too, like the nurse at the hospital. 

Eve gave her a little pep talk and assured her that, even though she could never fully understand using magic, she trusted that Cassandra would know when to use it. After all, the Library had chosen her as a person not her ability or her tumor or anything else. If it trusted her to wield the powers, then Eve trusted her, too. 

Jake returned to the Library and explained what had happened at Shangri-La. Flynn explained his previous experiences with Shangri-La and explained that whoever held onto the staff at sunset would become the new ruler. All they needed to do was get the staff away from Lan and they would be set. Since the place was going to be covered with ninjas, they decided to take a play out of the Odyssey and infiltrate via a Trojan horse. 

Since Lan would recognize Flynn, Eve, and Jake, they had Ezekiel and Cassandra dress up as “land pirates.” They went to Shangri-La and called upon Lan, claiming they had a valuable artifact that they had stolen off of the Librarian, Flynn, and they wanted to offer it to Lan. He believed them and took them on a walk while the rest of the team piled out from a space under the box and began their search for the secret door. Ezekiel and Cassandra kept Lan busy.  

Eve, Flynn, and Jake got to the staff only to end up taking tranq darts and passing out thanks to the monkey king, now under Lan’s ninja’s control. Flynn and Jake were nowhere to be seen, but Cassandra and Ezekiel saw Eve being taken away. In lockup, where it turned out Flynn and Jake had been kept along with Lan’s other treasures, they got out with some cleverness from Flynn and rushed to a cell they thought held Eve. Instead they found Charlene who promptly scolded them for being there.

Apparently she had been in hiding ever since Apep attacked. She figured if she stayed locked up and away from Flynn then Apep would not be able to find her. Since Flynn found her finally, she figured Apep would not be far behind and she knew she could not be taken by him because she was all that stood between him and the Library. Flynn insisted they could protect her but Charlene insisted it was far more than he could ever understand. She would have to break her tie to the Library once the issue with the staff was resolved and disappear from their realm for good.

Eve, on the other hand, dealt with her own reunion when she found herself in an interrogation room faced with a former military mentor. The mentor told Eve that she was running DOSA, and they were interested in the goings-on of the Library and the Librarians. Then, she revealed that all along they had been using Eve to keep tabs on the Librarians and to see if they were using magic, or otherwise a threat to the rest of the world. 

Naturally, Eve was disturbed by the revelation and insisted that they were her friends and they were not terrorists, nor threats to the well being of the world. She looked understandably violated when she realized they had used her and wanted to know if she was being influenced by magic. Her mentor seemed to take her word for it about the Library and told her she would be free to be released back to them. 

Cassandra and Ezekiel, unaware of everything else that was happening, were focused on rescuing Eve. Cassandra distracted a guard on the Orient Express while Ezekiel broke into the door that would lead them to where Eve was being held. They got to her and freed her. 

Flynn, Charlene, and Jake tried to get back to the staff because sunset was approaching. Jake dealt with the monkey king and ninjas outside in order to let Flynn and Charlene get into the buildings. Charlene, with a plan in mind, ditches Flynn and tells him to distract them. Flynn does, trying to turn Lan’s associates against him while Jake wins the fight outside with the monkey king (while still letting him live). Charlene showed up just as things with Flynn were looking dicey and released some of Lan’s collection on him which allowed them to get the staff. 

They tossed the staff to Jake right as the sun started to set and he put it in the hands of his passed out mentor, begging for him to fight for his soul. He did and awoke, back in control of Shangri-La. He gave Jake a bit of magic, the will of the staff, even though Jake protested. The monkey king essentially told him no take backs, and Jake had to accept it. The team then returned to the Library where Charlene and Jenkins prepared the ritual. 

In a heart wrenching scene, Charlene said her farewell to everyone. Jenkins was the only one who could break her tie to the Library, and she would have to go and be in another realm where the rest of those who came before her existed. She would die as she was known now. There was a lot of crying, Flynn’s the most heartbreaking, but Charlene whispered something in Eve’s ear which appeared to shock her. 

Finally, Jenkins said farewell to “his love” (she was the one!) and with a little bit of magic broke her tie to the Library. She faded away.

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