Synopsis of 1×10: Xavier faces Evie and his past, Evie slips up in some soup, and Timothy Finger cashes in his Internet fame. 

It happened! It finally happened! Evie finally grew a backbone and confronted Xavier and all his BS! After last episode’s revelation that Xavier had been lying about his past, Evie confronts him. And in true Xavier-fashion, he gaslights her.

He tells her that she’s overreacting and that his name change and criminal record don’t matter. He repeatedly attempts to convince Evie that since his past is not important to him, it should be important to her.

Throughout their relationship, Xavier has tried again and again to convince Evie that he knows best how to handle her emotions. When her emotions get the best of her, Xavier doesn’t really calm her down. He dictates how she should be feeling. 

Well, not this time! This time, Evie is taking control and getting mad! “I can’t be the girl in the rom com who overlooks serious issues just because the guy is charming,” says Evie, and she’s right. She’s been turning a blind eye to his problems for too long.

Always considerate, she notices that his criminal record and his name change occur around the time his mother died. And he shares his father’s name, the father who he hasn’t spoken to for almost a decade. After a failed attempt to woo her back (and disregarding her request to leave her alone), Xavier decides it’s time to come to terms with his father. 

Xavier and his dad talk it out, but it’s not so much the heart-to-heart Xavier might have been hoping for. It’s only after a conversation with Hamish Sr.’s former mistress/current wife, that Xavier begins to listen to his father’s side of the story. After a real, genuine, two-sided heart-to-heart, Xavier and his father make peace. And then they make some noise! Xavier has decided to honor his mother by shooting her ashes off in the form of fire works. 

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Evie, on the other hand, is dealing with her breakup pretty well. And by pretty well, I mean she’s backsliding with a good old-fashioned rebound in the form of Timothy Finger. That’s right’s! Ol’ Reliable Timothy, who’s nursing his heartbreak after two-timing Fern leaves, falls right in step with Evie.

He uses his newfound internet fame to get them onto a TV show called Grocer’s Blowout! Host Emerald Sitay (aka the nickname of Seattle) has them play a number of The Price Is Right style games and Timothy wins it all! Which means Evie gets covered in soup. 

That soup dump is what gets her in trouble with her work conundrum. After Fern’s exit from Cyberhugs, Evie has to find a splashy new charity in order to keep Cyberhugs in the CyberMart’s family. Unfortunately, the charity she was going to use backs out at the last-minute because her new Fork Dork friend saw her wasting soup on  Grocer’s Blowout. 

So Evie thinks up a new plan: customers can use old boxes to send back donated goods, and Cyberhugs trucks will deliver them to local charities. (P. S. Amazon and Goodwill teamed up to provide this exact service. Since Cybermart is an Amazon surrogate, this is so on the nose.)

Evie decides to celebrate her work win by using Timothy’s well-won Grocer’s Blowout money on the unlabeled bottle at their favorite bar. It tastes like pine needles and antifreeze, but it gets crossed off Evie’s list.

Timothy becomes to her new go-to guy for both the Apocalist adventures and for… some other needs. Too bad she’s too busy smashing faces with Timothy to get Xavier’s phone call. Evie, just block him from your phone!

Let’s check in with the other couples of No Tomorrow. Deidre, after calling it caputs with Hank, calls him because she’s sick and needs assistance. Three-Pete is in Wenatchee looking for wedding venues, so Hank is the only one she can call.

When Hank’s Vitamin B13 drink causes an allergic reaction, he has to step in for Deirdre during the dreaded warehouse fire safety inspection. Hank uses his delightful personality to avoid $7,300 in fines. He also comes up with a great podcast for people with alopecia: No Hair, Don’t Care. Hank and Deidre are still on the outs, but there’s hope for them yet.

Kareema and Sofia have their own problems. Kareema has to show her work evaluations to the INS in order to get the green card for Sofia. And since she barely tries at her job, she starts being nice and perky. Too bad it backfires! Kareema’s terrible customer service actually made her the star employee: short call times, strict no refund policies. Turns out she was a study cog in the machine of CyberMart, something she’d been rebelling against.

All our of love-lorn couples have something up in the air, whether it’s their relationship status, their emotion affairs, or their ability to stay in the US. We’ll have to find out next week who manages to keep their feet on the ground. 

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