Synopsis of 1×08: Work and Romance collide as Xavier stirs up trouble in Cybermart.

With each passing episode, I start to think, “Evie needs to break up with this guy.” Each week, something worse and worse happens. Week One he quits her job for her. Last week he painted her sister’s house pink. This week he works in the Cyber Mart warehouse for a whopping 3 hours before he starts a strike. And he’s not even a member of the union!

Xavier is becoming that hot hippy guy we all dated in college: chill lifestyle, no worries, smelled like man musk. And he seems to have all the answers wrapped up in his life philosophy, which is really just an excuse for his sense of entitlement. My guy’s deal was that he quote couldn’t work somewhere he didn’t love end quote. But after six weeks of donating plasma to make money, enough is enough!

But seriously, that’s one of the most frustrating things about this show. Each week Xavier comes in, guns blazing with some cockamamie scheme that directly affects Evie. And in the end, he ends up being right anyway!

Sure, maybe Mary Anne didn’t want her house pink, but it helped her learn how to have fun again. Maybe Evie needed to stand up to Deirdre and say it’s unfair for her to work two jobs. There are no consequences for Xavier’s bad behavior. He decides when he and Evie are monogamous or not. He decides who is miserable with their job. Xavier, dude, not everyone can just quit their job! There would be no one to rent you zorbing equipment! Which is this week’s task for the apocalist.

So let’s break this down further. Xavier starts the show zorbing (aka rolling around in a big ball a la George RR Martin). And of course he wants to do it with Evie. But she’s at work, pulling double duty as quality control and Cyber Hugs administrator.

So Xavier decides to help her out by joining the Cyber Hugs team. He spends a few hours doing actual work, and does manage to increase productivity. When management calls for a higher packing quota (from 40 to 80), he decides to start a strike.

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Then it’s business as usual. Xavier chastises Evie (and Timothy, and the other floor workers) about being slaves to a giant corporation.  Evie finally lashes out and call him selfish. His response? That he cares about her more than Cyber Hugs, so he’s thinking of her. Which in and of itself is a selfish statement. The problem is that after increasing productivity, Xavier then stopped all production. And Evie, as management, has to take the hit. But he doesn’t care, because Xavier always thinks he knows best.

Eventually, Evie has a dream that she’s a rat in a cage and she figures everything out. She has management work on the floor and vice versa. Both sides recognizes the hardships of the other side and they come to an agreement. Evie builds up the courage to tell Deidre to find a new quality control person. And Xavier quits CyberMart, no consequences upon his head. Of course, Evie apologizes for calling him selfish (which he is), and Xavier apologizes for putting her in a precarious position.

So once again, the writers have Xavier leading Evie to the answers she needs. What happened to the rest of the band of companions?

After Hank and Deirdre outed their relationship, they signed all the necessary paperwork, took an HR course, and are now a couple. Except one little hitch. During the strike, Hank chose to stand with the workers and not with Deirdre. So even though in the end,  he gets promoted to Evie’s old job, he also gets dumped. See, when he chose his people over his girl, she got hurt and he got dumped. Consequences.

As we watch one relationship crumble, another blossoms.  Sophia, Kareema’s sort-of girlfriend and soon-to-be sister in law, gets outed for cheating on her fiancĂ©. Aka Kareema’s brother. So Kareema does something that goes against everything she thought she stood for. She proposes to Sophia so she can stay in the country. And, you know, they’re in love and stuff. Now they just have to announce it to the family. That’s going to be one awkward dinner.

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Sweet T, after the success of his Stephen Schpiel, is interviewing for a job at Impropoganda. He gets the job after filming the strike from the workers side. After this election season, I have no interest in watching Timothy rise in the ranks of a millennial click-bait Facebook news company. We get it, everyone hates millennials.  But there is a great cameo of Hana Mae Lee from Pitch Perfect.

We are only eight episodes in, but I don’t know how long these plots and antics will hold out. The CW, home of Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, may not be able to strike gold again with No Tomorrow. I hope the writers have something better in store for us next week.

P.S. Xavier and random white guy from New Zealand teaching everyone  to paint their faces and do Maori hakas? No thanks! Shout out to which ever writer had Deidre say it was cultural appropriation. Anyone else wanna weigh in?

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