Synopsis of 1×06: Todd tells some truths, Farah falls for a lie, and Amanda has the last word. We’ve got two episodes left. My, how time flies! 

“Fix Everything” is where the show seems to hit its stride. Everything is coming together. If you added the right music, this episode could be Sherlock. Especially the cold open featuring an old-timey inventor (presumably Zackary Webb) testing out The Machine. Credits and we’re a-go! 

The road trip is over. Todd and Dirk come back to Seattle with a plan: grab everyone. Dirk gets Farah, Todd gets Amanda. But first, Todd promises to tell Amanda the truth. 

This goes about as well as expected. Once Todd confesses the first lie, the rest come tumbling out. It’s no wonder Todd considered himself to be a despicable asshole. And Amanda agrees. Todd is a terrible person, an absolute dirtbag. It’s a sibling fight of epic proportions and at the end Amanda locks herself in the bathroom. 

Dirk and Farah go off on a different adventure. First, they go downtown. Dirk is telling Farah all about his plans for his new detective agency. He starts screaming out the name (which of course is Dirk Gently), and guess who hears? Bart! Who somehow managed to get a pair of construction overalls. 

[bbc america]
[bbc america]

Thus begins this week’s chase sequence. Dirk manages to get hurt and Bart manages to get her butt kicked for the first time in her life. But not before she and Dirk have a moment. A surreal, supernatural moment. They recognize each other from Operation Blackwing, despite having never met before. And maybe they won’t meet again, since Farah and Ken separate them both and bring them to safety.

Dirk is relatively unscathed, both mentally and physically. And Bart is extremely hurt, both mentally and physically. Having never had so much as a scratch before, she now has to deal with a severe beating and a knife wound. She also struggles with her existence. If she’s not meant to kill Dirk Gently, what on earth is she meant to do? 

Elsewhere, a distressed Estevez is confronting his boss. Zimmerfield is dead and the Chief won’t investigate (later we learn that he’s in Gordon’s pocket). Estevez gets fired in the fight. He takes the dog with him. And after several drinks, he figures it out. Lydia is in the dog. And Todd has the answers. 

Todd is trying to talk to Amanda when Estevez shows up. Estevez, who is drunk and belligerent, is so manic that Amanda starts having a delusion that she’s drowning. Todd tries to take her out of the house to treat her, when Ed and Ned show up. Amanda’s new buddies, the Rowdy 3 come to her rescue, beat up those fools and save Amanda. But what they can’t save is her relationship with Todd. As far as Amanda is concerned, Todd could drop dead. Instead, he gets kidnapped. 

Dirk also gets kidnapped after Farah makes a fatal mistake. Worried about the encounter with Bart, she calls last week’s FBI agent for assistance. Instead of helping out, he takes Dirk to Gordon Rimmers, the Supreme Soul himself. Todd and Dirk reunited in the abandoned zoo building. Dirk is giddy with excitement! This is the man with the answers! The Reason for the season if you will! 

Except Gordon knows nothing! In an ingenious twist to a classic mystery trope, the baddie has no monologue to deliver. He knows as much as our two heroes. In possibly the best funniest scene this show has delivered thus far, we get a taste of some classic Douglas Adams. 


Let’s not forget that Gordon is still the bad guy. He’s still going to attack Dirk and Todd. But with some luck and quick thinking, they make their way to the machine. The time machine, to be precise. Which explains the elevator sequence in episode one. Everything is connected!

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