Synopsis: Tuesday, Russian Hotties, pythons, and the Pleasure Palace, This episode has everything.

Another week, another list: this week starts with Xavier eating bone marrow, Evie refusing said marrow, and the writers making a cute “No To Marrow-No Tomorrow” pun.

Following that is Xavier spilling hot coffee on himself. In order to relieve the heat, he strips off all his clothes and jumps into a fountain. Literally no one has a problem with this (and I think the writers know that we tune in each week for Xavier’s shirtless bod). Xavier tells Evie that sometimes she has to “suck the marrow out of life,” take risks, and push boundaries. 

No Tomorrow — “No Holds Barred” — Image Number: NOT104a_0217b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Joshua Sasse as Xavier and Tori Anderson as Evie — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

As per Evie’s neurotic tendencies, as well as the formula of this show, she naturally clings on to Xavier’s statement. Welcome to this week’s conflict: how can Evie push her boundaries? Kareema suggests starting with the Russian Hottie, Mikhail, in shipping. Mikhail introduces us to this week’s work dilemma: why are orders getting backed up and arriving late? 

Elsewhere, Timothy and Hank are checking out Timothy’s magazine article on Biotech Weekly. His piece  on Mariposa Theory has made the cover, along with his picture. Hank suggests Timothy ride the wave of success by using his fifteen minutes of fame to get girls and forget about Evie.

For anyone who remembers Ted in the same position on HIMYM, you have already guessed that this doesn’t work out too well. So Timothy and Hank make a bargain: Hank will start working out if Timothy starts an attempt at dating. 

Back at work, Deirdre attempts to make small talk with Hank by using trivia questions. She also manages to whisper into his ear once again, causing Hank another full-blown eargasm. 

In an attempt to push Evie’s  boundaries, Kareema suggests Evie speak up at the morning staff meeting. But Evie refuses, convinced that Deirdre will eat her alive. But when an intern speaks up with a suggestion of how to fix the shipping problem, he gets a reward and so-called Boldness Points. Evie takes this as a sign that it’s her turn to push her boundaries. 

Evie’s first attempt: take her top off on Xavier’s porch for the whole block to see. Xavier is clearly uncomfortable with this, but that may have less to do with Evie’s attempt at public nudity and more to do with Tuesday. Tuesday is another girl Xavier is dating, but he hasn’t seen her since he started dating Evie. But Tuesday has arrived, in her full cool-girl glory, compete with a boho top and stevia. 

Evie and Xavier have The Talk about the status of their relationship. Evie, on her dumb naive way, assumed they were exclusive and monogamous. And Xavier, in his idiot way, thinks that because they never talked about it, that his “ethical non-monogamy” is totally acceptable. He also uses his favorite line “well, with the world ending in a few months,” blah, blah, blah.

No Tomorrow — “No Boundaries” — Image Number: NOT104b_BTS_0049.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Tori Anderson as Evie, Joshua Sasse as Xavier and Jenna Dewan Tatum as Tuesday — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Evie, once again pushing boundaries, agrees to go to the Pleasure Palace with Kareema. Being the goody-two shoes that she is, she doesn’t have the appropriate clothing, so she goes to the bathroom in an attempt to cut her top into a stylish, semi-revealing fashion. Deirdre ruins the fashion fest, by having a stall convo with Evie. She also scares the crap out of Evie (pun intended) and Evie drops her phone in the toilet. Yay, boundary pushing toilet phone. 

Deirdre wants to talk about Operation Hanky-Panky.  She thinks it’s not working out, so Evie suggests using the Mariposa Theory and treating Hank like a butterfly. Deidre also refutes that she is great with boundaries by sticking her head under the stall and complimenting Evie’s bra. HR Alert!!!

Speaking of Hank, he attempts to fulfill his side of the bargain by asking Mikhail to train him. Mikhail agrees and starts Hank on picking up boxes. 

That night,  Xavier is having a post-Naked-yoga date with Tuesday. It involves crossing the most expensive scotch in the world off his list. And Tuesday’s lack of enthusiasm is something Xavier can’t ignore. He’s also very distracted by his phone, which is blowing up with notifications about Evie. In turn, Tuesday distracts Xavier by hooking up with him in the coat room of the fancy scotch bar. 

Evie and Kareema are at the Pleasure Palace, and have started the evening with three shots each. Kareema also takes Evie’s busted phone and promises to fix the toilet damage. 

The next morning, Evie is hungover and puking at work. She feels uber-badass. She also missed several “we need to talk” messages from Xavier. Kareema, in addition to fixing the phone, has also added several dating apps. She’s such a good friend. 

Not everyone is having such a good time. Deirdre, in her attempt to catch Hank, literally envisions him as a butterfly. It’s creepy, and weird, and very purple. And it doesn’t work. Evie’s new advice: it’s not enough to want Hank. You have to find out what Hank wants. 

So Deirdre proceeds to spy on Hank as he lifts boxes and facetimes Timothy. Hank thinks that Mikhail is trying to Mister-Miyagi him. At least Hank is keeping up his end of the bargain. Timothy is having a way harder time picking up girls. P. S.: Seattle women know the different between biomimicry and biography. In fact, I’d say most American women do. 

Evie meets up with Xavier to talk, but before he can say anything, she launches into the “pushing boundaries” theme, and how maybe that should apply to her sense of monogamy. And before Xavier can say what he wanted to say, Amy Brenneman, #345 on his list, appears at the bar. Evie offer to have a threesome with Xavier and Amy. And Xavier, for once, is completely uncool. Amy kindly turns them down, kissing them both full on the mouth.  

Evie’s phone is blowing up from Kareema’s dating apps. And not for the first time, Xavier seems rather uncomfortable with the idea of Evie seeing other people. Especially when that other is person is Mikhail, the Russian Hottie. 

Mikhail and Evie match up, and he invites her and Kareema on a double date with him and his brother to watch wrestling.  

Xavier drowns his sorrows at the bar. When who should arrive, but Timothy! And even though the magazine cover didn’t work on a single woman (again, pun intended), guess who it does work on? Xavier! He’s a fan of Timothy’s and together they discuss their relationship woes. Little do they know that their mutual source of sorrow is mud-wrestling Kareema in a bar. 

Hank is also having a good night. His so-called Mister Miyagi has built a complete obstacle course for him. It’s like a first grader’s warehouse version of American Ninja Warrior. Go, Hank!! 

Xavier and Timothy have moved from the bar to the Blood Moon party, where they meet up with Tuesday and Calliope. After almost hooking up in a hot tub, Xavier finally verbalizes that he only wants to be with Evie. He and Timothy exit the almost sex party and go of on an adventure to find Xavier’s love. 

No Tomorrow — “No Boundaries” — Image Number: NOT104a_0706.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Jesse Rath as Timothy and Joshua Sasse as Xavier — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Xavier’s love is having a great date with Mikhail, his brother, and their pet python. But when Evie sees Xavier, she’s none too happy. Timothy is equally as unhappy when he realizes that Xavier is Evie’s new beau. In retaliation, he storms off and full of rage and testosterone, immediately picks up a girl. 

Kareema and Evie call it a night, after Mikhail puts for the offer to have an after-hours five-some with the python. And Xavier decides he needs to tell Evie how he truly feels. 

The next day at work, Evie realizes that the problem between shipping and fulfillment is the wall (literally, a wall of boxes) must come down.  Her boldness earns her points with Deirdre. And Deirdre reveals to Hank that she is in fact the one who Miyagi’d him. So there just might be some Hanky Panky in her future after all. 

Evie, energized by her success at work, heads straight to Xavier’s.  He apologizes for ruining her date and for bringing Timothy along. But before Xavier can say what he really feels, Evie blurts out “we should try ethical non-monogamy.”

Casual dating is something she’s never done and she thinks she should try it before the world ends. (Evie, girl-to-girl: if you have a man like Xavier, don’t enter the cesspool of dating. Just don’t do it!) It’s not the sort of boundary pushing Xavier was expecting. Maybe next week, the boundary Xavier needs to push is to experience the love and intimacy of just one woman. 

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