Over a year ago, Hannibal did not get picked up for a fourth season. Yet even in the face of cancellation and an uncertain future, the fans continue to show up in excess to support the show and all things connected to it.

With a passion reminiscent of Firefly fans, the “fannibals” continue to engage with the show and each other long after the final episode aired. Naturally, when Titan Books announced their early release of Feeding Hannibal: A Connoisseurs Cookbook at New York Comic Con, a massive crowd gathered near the booth well over an hour before the signing with Bryan Fuller and Janice Poon was to begin.

What could have been chaos, and may have felt like chaos to the booth staff, turned out to be a delightful celebration of people’s love for anything and everything Hannibal. While there were some Star Trek and American Gods fans lurking in the crowd, the bulk of those who gathered were there to support Janice and Bryan as they continue to promote the show with the hope that there may be a future yet for everyone’s favorite cannibal.

Even though the crowd gathered early and not everyone was able to get through, the general feeling was one of excitement and joy. There was no pushing and shoving, only new friendships forged as fans banded together under the Hannibal banner.

Both Janice and Bryan were,  as they always are, receptive to the fans and spent as much time with each person working through the line as they could. Many selfies were snapped, and the Titan Books crew even stepped in to help capture what was a special moment for many fannibals as they got the chance to meet two amazing contributors to the show they love. Fans minded the space and the booth staff as the line was managed well and people were able to get through en mass to get their hands on their own copy of Feeding Hannibal.

Just in time for Halloween, the book release and signing was aptly timed and a lot of happy people walked away with big smiles and a sparkle in their eyes. Though not everyone was able to get through the line, and there were a number of people left at the dreaded ‘end of line’ sign, the crew at Titan Books went above and beyond to try and get as many people through as they could without cutting time or rushing. Major props were earned by the crew working the booth as they managed the giant crowd and some of the disappointed fans with sympathetic smiles and positive attitudes.

All in all, the Feeding Hannibal: A Connoisseurs Cookbook signing appeared to be a successful venture for fans, Titan Books, and Janice and Bryan who stuck around afterward as long as they could to continue to talk with fans and give quick interviews about the book release.

It was a steady reminder that though Hannibal was cancelled, the fans still hold out hope that the show will eventually go on, and their love for the show and the people behind it has yet to fade.

Thank you to the staff at Titan Books for all of your hard work managing the crowds. You are the best in the industry!
Don’t forget to grab a copy of Feeding Hannibal HERE.

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