Synopsis for 2×01: Kara teams up with her cousin, Clark, to save Lena Luthor. Kara makes a decision regarding her relationship with James and her future with CatCo.

Season two of the CW’s Supergirl wastes no time and picks up directly where season one ended. As Kara and her extended family celebrate their recent win, a ship streaks through the city, eventually crashing. Kara and J’onn leap into action and find that the crashed ship is actually a pod, a pod which just so happens to be identical to the one that Kara arrived in a decade before. Kara is shocked to find an unconscious man inside and DEO soon takes custody of the man.

Hank escorts Kara to a new Department of Extranormal Operations facility. The new facility, which just so happens to be a shiny modern tower downtown, is certainly an upgrade from the cave that the group was sequestered in last season. The new arrival, who clearly isn’t human, remains comatose and Kara is frustrated and desperate to learn more about his identity and reason for arriving on Earth.

Continuing to masquerade as Cat Grant’s assistant, Kara also continues to wrestle with the choice that Ms. Grant gave her at the conclusion of last season: what or who does she want to be? I must say, I’m happy to see the witty banter between Ms. Grant and Kara return.

On the romance front, Kara and James have their first official date together and it’s a whole lot of awkward. Despite gushing about having time alone with James, Kara is distracted by the live televised launch of the Venture, the first commercial spacecraft designed for sub orbital transportation. Of course, given the circumstances, an accident was bound to happen and before long, the Venture begins plummeting out of space after the engines fail. Who didn’t see that one coming…

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Across town, Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark Kent is painfully trying to fit in normally as an assistant when he soon learns of the Venture’s predicament. Both Superman and Supergirl leap into action and are quickly able to save the lives of those aboard the Venture in a heroic fashion.

Kara arrives back at the DEO and everyone is surprised, or maybe awestruck may be a better term, when Clark arrives right behind her. Winn in particular is quite the fanboy and gushes over Superman, or is it just Hoechlin’s good looks? The only one not enamored with Clark is J’onn and the two coldly greet one another, while Clark assures him he won’t be staying long.

Kara asks for Clark’s opinion on their mystery man from outer space but Clark also draws a blank. J’onn redirects their focus to the Venture’s explosion and their need to investigate the accident. Clark offers to stay in town to help investigate alongside Kara.

Alex soon discovers that one scheduled passenger on the Venture  mysteriously did not show up at the last minute: Lena Luthor, Lex Luthor’s sister. The new head of Luthor Corp coincidently has just moved to National City after Lex was convicted and jailed.

While being questioned by Clark and Kara, Lena reveals that she was adopted when she was younger and plans to rename Luthor Corp to L Corp and make it a force for good. Despite her pleas for a fresh start and her motivation to do good, I still can’t help but think that there’s evil lurking somewhere beneath the surface. Either way, Katie McGrath dazzles as a beguiling Lena and let’s hope we see more of her in the near future.

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Before long, Wynn discovers that Lena wasn’t the perpetrator of the explosion, but rather the intended target. When Lena boards her helicopter, a pair of drones blocks the bird and attempts to shoot her down. Kara and Clark conveniently intervene but the driver of the drones, an assassin named John Corben, diverts them by claiming there are other drones attacking citizens throughout the city. Despite this, the two are still able to shut down Corben for the time being and save Lena.

Throughout this all, Kara has been wrestling with her feelings for James and whether she wants a relationship with him. After speaking with Clark about following her feelings and listening to her heart, she reluctantly admits to James that she’s not sure what she wants anymore.

Ultimately Kara chooses to keep her relationship with James purely platonic. While I’m pleased with the development, it does come as a surprise considering Kara was head over heels for James last season, but hopefully she will use her time as single to discover herself a bit more.

During Lena’s renaming ceremony for L Corp, she is once again attacked by Corben. Color me surprised. Clark and Kara rush to stop a building from falling while Alex confronts Corben. Corben admits that Lex was the one who hired Corben but before they can grill him for more information, Lena shoots him multiple times.

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Back at Cat Co, Kara approaches Cat and eagerly admits that she has made a decision and wants to be a reporter, claiming she wants to connect with people and tell stories that need to be told. Cat reveals that she knew all along that Kara was destined to be a reporter. Oh god, I’m going to miss having Calista Flockhart as a regular. Despite being one of the least emotional characters, Flockhart and Ms. Grant bring so much emotion and growth to the show.

Meanwhile Winn is formally hired by the DEO and becomes a permanent member of the DEO team. Clark decides to stick around in National City for a while and bond with Kara.

Before closing, a mysterious women speaks to Corben, whom she has apparently revived and sequestered away. The women welcomes Corben to Cadmus, a genetic engineering project from the comic universe, and soon Corbin is transformed into the metahuman Metallo.

Seeing Cat Grant swoon over Clark Kent and Hoechlin team up with Melissa Benoist was well worth the wait. Supergirl’s move to the CW has left me wanting more and besides the DEO’s move there really weren’t many major differences after the show’s move between networks.

Despite liking the team up and Hoechlin as an actor, I’m still not thrilled with Hoechlin’s portrayal of Superman. He almost seems too good for the role and I’m left wishing for more grit and roughness in the famous hero.

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