As the convention season comes to a close, as we all head into the holiday season, and the end of the year, Star Trek fans remain antsy for news on the new CBS series Star Trek: Discovery. Promised to be released sometime in 2017, details on the new series have been surprisingly scarce, to the point that fans do not even know who has been cast. Regardless, they hold firm and continue to seek out answers to the many questions that arise in light of a new series.

While New York Comic Con did not have any formal announcements or sneak peaks, we did get a chance to sit down with Bryan Fuller briefly and asked him the question: what can you tell us about Star Trek: Discovery?

I’m sorry to say we did not get any juicy details, but Bryan was kind enough to impart on us his perception of the theme moving into the series, and the importance of the core concept of Star Trek: unity. It says a lot about his heart as he takes the franchise on a new journey, for an audience that will be a delightful mix of new and old.

While we certainly hope to hear some tangible announcements soon about the nuts and bolts of the upcoming story, for now we will leave you with this note from Bryan.

All our thanks to Bryan Fuller for being willing to sit down with us and give us a little message to pass on to the fans. We will continue to keep our eyes and ears out for any Star Trek: Discovery news that may arise in the coming months as we enter into the New Year.

For now, we will rest in the knowledge that the primary theme of Star Trek will be carried through whatever incarnation it takes and will be, as Bryan said, a “beacon of hope.”

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