Synopsis of 02×07 – 02×13: Jackson finds out his mother is missing, the team gets closer to a cure then loses it, animals are still going nuts, and oh yeah Mitch slept with his stepmom. All that and more in the back half of Zoo season two.


After leaving the team off at our mid-season check in, things got even more complicated. Jackson momentarily left the team with Abe by his side to go try and find his mother who had vanished from Africa. While they were gone, General Davies managed to take over the plane thanks to Logan’s information and the remaining members of the team had to get him and his men out of the way.

Once Davies was subdued, and the team found out Logan was behind it, Jamie stuck Logan with a tranquilizer dart and pushed him out of the plane. Ice cold. Almost as cold as the ice lizard Mitch had to save because it held part of the key to the cure.

In Africa, Jackson quickly realized his mother had turned into a beast, too. He knew it was inevitable for him due to being injected by his father, but he could not understand why his mother turned, too. In the end, Jackson had to kill his mother when she went after Abe.

Later, after a lot of sad feelings, the audience found out that the only reason Jackson’s mother had turned was due to the fact she, too, had been injected. The twist? Jackson’s father had paid Abe to do it, which was the event that led to all of them meeting and Abe being brought into Jackson’s family under his mother’s care.


Since the remaining animal the team needed was a sabertooth cat, an animal that had been extinct for quite some time, Mitch and his stepmother determined they needed to rope Mitch’s dad into the whole ordeal due to the fact his father was a cryptozoologist. Aka he spends most of his time chasing things that don’t exist, but in this case the team needs an animal that doesn’t exist.

They found Mitch’s dad hiding out from the animals and his father managed to worm his way back onto the plane. They quickly found out that the sabertooth cat had been recreated, and Mitch’s father explained that it had probably been done on the island of Pangea where work was done to try and bring dinosaurs back, because we need a Jurassic Park twist on top of everything else.

During the investigation, weird feelings between Mitch and his dad, Mitch and his stepmom, Mitch and Jamie, and Mitch’s dad and Jamie, led to the revelation of why Mitch hated his father so much. Apparently, when he was young, he had been in a relationship with the woman who would later become his stepmom.

His father stole her right out from under him, married her, and forever burned his relationship with Mitch. Families on this show are great. Later, Mitch and his ex-stepmom ended up sleeping together because the air had been cleared and she apparently still had feelings for him.

Same, though. [CBS]
Same, though. [CBS]
After rescuing the villagers, Dariela joined back up with the team given the realization that she was pregnant, which she only realized because the animals kept targeting her for an attack. She was there just in time for Jackson to freak out after finding out about what Abe had done and she ended up shooting him, sending him off on the run.

With Jackson on the run, looking for his father, and General Davies still trying to stop the team from creating a cure, everything coasted along. The Noah Objective continued forward, but Mitch’s stepmom stepped in and insisted that Mitch and Jamie needed to convince the Russian Prime Minister to drop his support.

If Russia refused to back the objective, then there would be no way for General Davies to spread the gas everywhere needed to kill all the animals (and, lets not forget, millions of people). Jamie with all of her charm managed to convince Russia it was a bad idea, and she and Mitch were invited to come and speak in front of a group of officials in DC to try and convince everyone to vote against the Noah Objective.

Jackson offered to give himself to Davies if he could see his dad, but was unaware that his father had already escaped, and at the last minute managed to save Jackson and whisk them both away to who-knows-where while the rest of the team that wasn’t in Russia tried to figure out what was happening.

Jackson and his father ended up back with the team, his father offering to help them and explaining he knew where to get the sabertooth cat DNA they needed to synthesize the cure. They all had to go to Pangea and meet a group called the “Shepherds” who would help them figure out a cure to save everyone and stop the Noah Objective.

All the while, Jamie and Mitch ended up in the middle of an animal attack at the Russian embassy and lost the support of Russia after the Prime Minister lost his daughter in the attack. When the team regrouped, they made their way to Pangea and it turned out Jackson’s father had been working rather closely with the Shepherds to try and save the animals.

They helped the team get the sabertooth DNA they needed and they made a cure, but it was all for nothing. Even as the supposed cure was released, the gas was released as well, and the team quickly realized the Shepherds had actually betrayed them. The cure would help the animals, but it would make all of humanity sterile.

In the resulting chaos, Mitch died getting the team to safety so that they would be able to find and cure his daughter, to keep her from being killed by the gas. The team made it to Clementine, but in the end, the ultimate plan worked. Yes, the animals had been cured, but people were sterile, Mitch was dead, and the team had to move on with their lives.

Jumping ahead a number of years, we met up with Abe and Dariela, whose child was graduating 8th grade as part of the last class of children, all of whom had been conceived before the sterilization disaster. Jackson had reportedly gone back to Africa, Jamie wrote a book but stayed off the radar, and a strange young woman started at Abe like she knew him.

After the ceremony he approached her and she revealed that she was Clementine, Mitch’s daughter, and her dad was still alive. So, at the end of season two here is where we stand:

  • Jamie: She wrote a book, is probably still traumatized, and is off who knows where doing who knows what all the way in the future.
  • Mitch: Dead (?) and to be honest still probably pining over Jamie even though anytime he so much as touches her affectionately something absolutely terrible happens.
  • Jackson: Cured, hiding in Africa, probably questioning everything.
  • Abe: The cutest dad there is, being dragged back into the chaos by a grown up Clementine.
  • Dariela: Beautiful.
  • Moe the jellyfish: I don’t know for sure but I hope he is still alive.

Here’s to season three, because this show keeps getting renewed.

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