This year’s San Diego Comic-Con was bitter sweet for Teen Wolf fans. At their annual panel it was announced that the show’s sixth season will sadly be its last. Teen Wolf will take a bow and hopefully end on a strong note as we say goodbye to Scott, Lydia, Stiles, Malia, and the rest.

But you don’t have to wait until November 15th for the final season to start to step back into the world of Beacon Hills.

At the MTV booth this year on the exhibit hall floor MTV introduced a brand new virtual reality experience for fans. The experience put you inside the show with two masterfully designed scenes that really captured the feel of the series while also introducing the season’s new bad guys. In one scene, viewers meet up with Lydia and Scott in the sewers while running from shadowy, dangerous members of “The Wild Hunt.” In the other, viewers find themselves in the school library with Liam, Malia, and Mason.

Each scene played out depending on your decisions. Look at the ‘Ghost Rider’ coming for you and you were inevitably lost. Listen to the show’s heroes and focus on them instead and you were saved. Viewers at the booth used Samsung Gear VR goggles to make their choices and the ending scenes changed depending on their actions. The experience was a little limited in that you could only look around – but that mechanic became incredibly important in each of the the scenes.

After all, if you looked the wrong way you’d basically die.

If you’ve already jumped on the VR bandwagon and you’ve got a Gear VR for yourself you can download the full experience and enjoy it for yourself. We talked very briefly with one of the guys from Moth+Flame – the VR company that developed the Teen Wolf VR experience and we both agreed: this is an awesome new way to engage fans. After all, watching a TV show is awesome. Being able to journey to Beacon Hills yourself – however briefly – to interact with the characters and story is something else entirely.

If you aren’t set up with your own VR headset just yet don’t worry. You can still check out the Teen Wolf VR experience for yourself in an albeit more limited scope. Both scenes have been released in 360 video on YouTube (and on Facebook here & here). The fan response has been awesome and understandably so – how often do you get to step inside your favorite show?

Check out the MTV links below! You can’t choose your own ending but you can look around and see everything we saw on the exhibit hall floor. Enjoy!

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