Synopsis of 2×10: The abbies continue to gather their forces while the people of Wayward Pines prepare to sleep for a few thousand years.


After last week, the audience no doubt assumed that Wayward Pines’ fearless leader Jason was dead. Surprise! Not quite, as the finale revealed in the first few minutes. He was rushed into the hospital under Theo’s care while the abbies continue to gather outside of the town.

Jason’s thread of life was quickly snipped, however, when Theo purposely botched the surgery and led to Jason flat lining. Their leader was dead, and Theo stepped outside to give a moving speech about getting everyone to the mountain.

The only one who realized what Theo had done was his understudy, who pointed it out only to have Theo deny it without straight up lying. He also made mention of the fact that Jason had a relatively rare blood type, one he shared with Kerry. Of course, after Theo got an update from CJ regarding where they stood for the upcoming big sleep, Theo went to Kerry and informed her of the rare blood type she shared with Jason. She didn’t know that Jason was her child and promptly puked. I don’t blame her.

As the episode progressed, the first round of citizens who would be going into the pods were picked up. It was at that point the viewers and everyone in town began to realize that something was amiss. They were all told that people would be picked up in two groups, and if they didn’t go with the first group then they would be picked up with the second. Families were split up, and those who remained behind appeared to sense their own impending doom.

Rebecca and Xander were forced to say their goodbyes as she was taken up in the first round, but he was not.

Theo struggled with the decisions that were being made as he sat alone and made a recording of his plan. Apparently Pilcher, after playing god and making the decision for thousands of people to take them out of lives they would have fully lived to create Wayward Pines, had saved a few key deadly viruses in the lab.

Theo’s plan was to inject himself with the viruses (all three!), let them incubate so he would become contagious, then he would step outside the wall and allow himself to be consumed. Hopefully, the viruses would spread rapidly both through air and water and when the rest of the town woke up from their sleep, the abbie threat will have been lessened if not neutralized.

Outside the walls of the mountain, Wayward Pines began to fall apart. People were rioting, looting, destroying everything because they knew what was coming. They would not be taken. Frank and Xander hung out together drinking as they faced down the end of the world as they knew it.

However, in a final feat (one that came shortly after Theo pointed out that there was no “greater good, only good, however small) Theo went into the town and got both Frank and Xander and managed to reunite them both with their loved ones inside the mountain.

As Theo turned to go back into the mountain, good old Arlene approached, having been crying, and told him he could have at least told the town what was happening. He could have been honest, as would have been his initial preference. For the first time this season, I actually felt sad about Arlene’s fate, and apparently Theo did too because he told her to go to the mountain because she could have Jason’s pod. He got a big old kiss for his trouble.

Inside, Kerry prepared to step into the pod room and CJ approached her. He commended her for always surviving. They needed people like her, according to CJ, when the world would begin anew again. Kerry, after the big reveal about Jason, disagreed and left the line. Rebecca thanked Theo for reuniting her with Xander.

Finally, Theo retreated to the lab where he no doubt planned to inject himself with the viruses, only to find that Kerry beat him to it. She had found his recording and had taken it upon herself to inject the viruses and let them incubate. She told Theo that the world needed more people like him if it was going to survive, so she would sacrifice herself in order to preserve him. Without any choice in the matter, since she’d already taken action, Theo let her go out beyond the wall.

As the people of Wayward Pines settled in to sleep, the abbies continued to do their thing outside of the wall. After everyone was in their pods, CJ saw a vision of his dead wife again who told him the new world could be whatever he wanted it to be. He took his place in his pod and that chapter for Wayward Pines closed, just as a new abbie child was welcomed into the world outside of the town.

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  1. It was awful, wasn’t it, though? If anyone is relatively blameless in all this, surely it’s the abbys?

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