Synopsis of 2×08: A grown up finally steps up and puts some of the crazy kids of Wayward Pines in place as the entire plan implodes around them. The female abbie – Margaret – is out for revenge and runs around the city trying to find her escape… but not before creating a little chaos on her way out.


With Megan dead and Margaret out in the town, Theo sounded the alarm to put the city in lock down. After talking with Kerry to explain to her that she would never be able to have a child (which is not-so-good when you’re the wife of the leader of a group obsessive about reproduction), he went to check on Margaret and found Megan very dead and Margaret missing. Jason arrived on the scene and at first seemed hesitant to alert the town, but eventually ceded to Theo’s leading and began to alert everyone to the fact there was a very ticked off abbie wandering the city.

We learned this week that not only are the abbies social and intelligent, but they do have good memories. As Margaret runs around the town and sees certain people, she remembers her encounters with them and from there decides what to do. For example, Lucy and her brother are walking through the woods and Margaret sees them. She could easily slay them both, but recalls when she first made herself known to the people of Wayward Pines, and remembered meeting Lucy’s brother. She passed over them, and another couple of kids making out.

Instead, she went after a soldier who saw her on the street as he was leaving, and who had been there the night of her capture and killed him.

Jason had his moment mourning Megan, someone who had parented him and given him counsel. The scene reminded the audience that in the end, Jason really is a kid still. A kid with a huge burden to carry that he was not given a choice in from the start. Maybe it will be enough to curb his temper, but something tells me it won’t and he is going to continue to make poor decisions.

Xander revealed that he had kept some guns from the last time everyone was armed, and he gathered together a small group of people to try and help track down the abbie. With Rebecca the architect giving them good intel on the best vantage points, he handed out guns and began the trek to find binoculars and to help the town.

Meanwhile, Adam and Theo continued to track Margaret, but realized quickly she led them astray. She used the blood from the soldier she killed to get them to go down a different path and lead them away from the town while she doubled back to cause some chaos.

In the street, a couple of rebels met up with a group of soldiers who barked at them to get back inside. The rebels refused, claiming they wanted to help, and the whole group got spooked as Margaret ran around them and confused their senses. One of the rebels ended up accidentally shooting a soldier, my favorite man Mario, and the soldiers shot back and killed one of the rebels.

Even though it had been an accident, it created a tense moment as the previous rebel bled out on the street and his wife held a gun to the soldiers, who held their guns on her as Mario bled out. Theo, upon hearing the gunshots, left Adam to continue tracking Margaret and ran back into the street. He immediately put himself between the two groups, observed in the distance by Margaret, and once again exercised a little bit of adult judgment and got everyone to put their weapons down. No wonder Margaret pegged him as the leader.

With the town in chaos, Jason took Kerry to a bunker he had made just for them, in the event everything went south and they needed to preserve humanity. Clearly having not had a single lesson on the importance of genetic diversity, he told her the plan would be for them to hide and have children and become the new “Adam and Eve.” It was then that Kerry had to explain to him that she would be unable to have children after the abbie attack. Jason thanked her for telling him, told her he was proud of her, but the tone left me with a gross feeling.

Rebecca, walking the streets, came face to face with Margaret. She froze, but Xander showed up and shot Margaret in the arm causing her to flee with a rather nasty wound. When the team regrouped, Rebecca explained that the abbies may have been getting in through an underground tunnel. They dug in as far as they needed to in order to gain access to the tunnel and crawled in from there.

Adam confirmed that on his own, because he tracked Margaret to the tunnel. She was clearly injured, possibly fatally from the blood she lost and the way she carried herself. They met at the tunnel, he held a gun to her, and she flashed back to when he insisted she needed to be released and returned to her people. The two of them came to an understanding, and Adam let her go before he dropped his gun and followed her out the tunnel.

Rebecca and Xander explained their theory to Jason and Kerry, and showed them where the abbies were getting in. They tried to get there, but were already too late, and collapsed that part of the pipe with a grenade. Theo, on the other hand, checked in on Mario at the hospital, who began to have a nervous breakdown over his inability to complete the duty he had been assigned. He was a true believer in Wayward Pines.

Adam got out on the other end of the pipe and was met with the gathering abbies who were ready to rip him apart. Margaret, however, told them off and Adam was allowed to walk among them unharmed. She left him and, becoming more desperate and clearly more weak, hobbled her way away from the group of males. She went straight into the arms of a group of female abbies who immediately pulled her in and held her while she bled. It was not clear if they had any form of medicine, or if Margaret was dying, but she remembered the moment she watched her family die when those building Wayward Pines came and took their home from them.

With her fate up in the air, the real body count this week only comes down to one of the young soldiers and one of the rebels, and all of the main characters were saved. For now.

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