Synopsis of 2×05: We learn the truth about Rebecca’s involvement in the creation of Wayward Pines and everything you know about the Abbies changes in a single episode.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Okay, so, where to start?

When we last left Wayward Pines Lucy’s older brother Frank was about two seconds away from being killed by an Abbie. Inexplicably, she didn’t attack. Instead, she is captured and taken to the lab for Megan Fisher to basically torture. Something important to note: this is the first female Abbie that the people of Wayward Pines have EVER seen.

That’s probably a pretty terrible omen.

It’s also a scientific first and with Kerry’s help Theo gets placed in charge of the lab where the female Abbie will be held. He’s supposed to be the head of research but that doesn’t keep Megan from doing whatever she wants. Still, here’s to hoping that Theo can get somewhere. The female Abbie – nicknamed Margaret after one of the researchers’ ex-girlfrined – is an enigma. Her mere presence makes all the other Abbies in the lab calm down. She’s cooperative and strangely – and intentionally – branded.

There’s something really eerie about her – and as the episode continues it gets worse. Because while she’s inside the walls things outside the walls get crazy. The Abbies outside the wall burn the crops while CJ and everyone are out in the wilds on their expedition. And they seem to be somehow communicating with her even though she’s locked away. Yikes.

Other things in Wayward Pines are changing, too.

Relationships become strained. Adam tells Theresa that he originally sent Ethan to Wayward Pines so that he could get with her. And that when they were also sent there he had to follow so he could be with her. As far as Theresa is concerned, Adam is the reason that Ethan and Ben are dead. Which, to be fair, she’s absolutely correct. She’s also determined never to go back to Wayward Pines so we’ll see how that works out for her.

Another strained relationship? Theo and Rebecca’s. Except it’s strained for all kinds of new reasons. Remember Xander? Yeah. It turns out Xander was Rebecca’s assigned husband when she arrived in Wayward Pines. So when she was concerned about her husband being stuck in a van and taken outside the gates… she probably wasn’t talking about Theo. Understandably, Theo isn’t happy and he punches Theo before taking off.

Theo really got the short end of all of this. He never asked to be there and Rebecca was apparently never told he was going to be coming. See, Rebecca was the architect of Wayward Pines. She was asked by Pilcher to create the town and when he finally revealed the truth of his plans to her she actually wanted to back out. She didn’t want to be frozen for 2,000 years and stuck in a bleak future. Like Theo, though, she didn’t have a choice. Still, she kinda brought him down with her.

So basically we’ve got the Abbies getting ready to utterly destroy Wayward Pines and we also have some solid information on Rebecca’s worth to the town.

Honestly, though, the thing I cared about most in this episode was Frank. He survived the Abbie but will he survive Megan and the First Generation? Apparently procreation isn’t just a core subject at the Academy – it’s mandatory. When Frank goes to talk to Theo about his inability to get with a girl he’s supposed to couple up with in the procreation rooms, he reveals that if he can’t get it up he’ll be killed. That sucks. Especially since Theo is pretty sure Frank is gay. It tuns out, though, that none of the First Generation even knows what it means to be homosexual. (That’s not surprising in a town so focused on reproduction and saving the human race but damn.)

Oh, Wayward Pines. I love this season but man are things just seriously messed up at the end of the world. I mean, that stands to reason but still. Wayward Pines was once supposed to be the only hope for humanity and now I’m starting to think Pam had the right idea. Best to burn it all down now and save everyone the pain of what is to come.

Because those Abbies are out for blood and there doesn’t seem to be a damn thing Wayward Pines can do to stop them.

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