Telltale Games has done some pretty amazing work on their The Walking Dead series. They’ve told some of the most moving, emotional stories you’ll find in episodic gaming by focusing primarily on their own original characters. The Walking Dead: Michonne is a very unique addition to the franchise, as it’s the first one to focus not only entirely on a pre-established character but to fill in a gap in the comics.

The game will focus on Michonne’s journey in between issues #126 and #139. The series kicks off on February 23rd with the first episode “In Too Deep.” It will be available on PS4, PS3, XBO, 360 PC, and Mac with the first episode launching on Android and mobile iOS two days later on February 25th. The miniseries will span three episodes total with the other two to be released later in March and April. (It’s always a waiting game with these episodic games!)

Luckily, though, we don’t need to wait until next week to get a feel for the new miniseries.

Telltale Games has released an extended six minute preview of The Walking Dead: Michonne which you’ll find embedded above. Take a look and see the fantastic Samira Wiley of Orange is the New Black fame as Michonne! Unless, you know, you’re worried about spoilers. In which case, you’ve only got another week to go before you can experience “In Too Deep” for yourself!

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