Folks, we just lost one of the greats – on January 10th, 2016, rock legend David Bowie passed away after an 18 month battle with cancer. But rather than simply mourn, we must also celebrate his life and legacy. On this week’s episode of Hear and Now with Steve Jozef, we walk through Bowie’s entire career, from “Space Oddity” to Ziggy Stardust to Let’s Dance to Earthling, listening in to exactly what made him one of the great icons and innovators of popular music. We close the episode with a full review of Bowie’s final masterpiece, Blackstar. Listen on Nerdophiles, iTunes or Soundcloud.

Songs that appear on the show this week:

“Space Oddity”
“Life on Mars?”
“Suffragette City”
“Beauty and the Beast”
“Modern Love”
“Little Wonder”
“I Can’t Give Everything Away”

All songs by David Bowie.


Hear and Now with Steve Jozef
Hear and Now with Steve Jozef
Episode 11: Eulogy For A Starman

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