Synopsis: Liv spends her time monitoring Major for signs of infidelity because she’s on megajealous stalker brains. In the meantime, Max Rager starts perfecting their latest product, Supermax.

Rating: ★★★★★

Apparently all we need are a scoop of stalker ex-girlfriend brains to make this show palatable again!

The murder-du-jour is a wedding planner! The poor woman gets attacked in a parking garage. When she rushes to defend herself (who keeps a knife and a handgun in their clutch??), she gets a few good swipes in against her attacker with her blade, but just as she’s about to land a fatal blow, she gets shot in the back… with her own gun.


Once the MEs and police arrive on scene, Babineaux reveals that he used to date the victim. Or more accurately, she was obsessed with him after a few dates. She photoshopped a scrapbook of their future lives down to wedding invitations and photos of the happy couple. Regina (the victim) liked to date police officers, and throughout the episode it becomes clear that Clive is one of many who received the deluxe scrapbook treatment.

One gourmet scene of brains-on-a-celery-log later, Liv’s riding high on stalker brains.

Enjoy the show. [fanpop]
Enjoy the show. [fanpop]
A lot of the drama this week centers around Liv and Major’s relationship – mainly around the fact that Major used to be sleeping with heir-apparent of Max Rager, aka the red-headed Rita.

Liv goes through Major’s phone and discovers his relationship with Rita. Once she confronts him, he tells her that he ended things with her as soon as he and Liv got back together. Still suspicious, Liv spies Major closing a safe (with Max Rager zombie-doping drugs) and demands that he show her its contents. He refuses, but at the end of the episode when he’s relocated the drugs, he reveals that he kept Liv’s engagement ring in the safe. Awwww.

But all’s not bliss in paradise, because Liv sees another incoming text from Rita in the middle of the night (side note: nothing in Rita’s character suggests she would EVER send an inarticulate ‘u up?’ text. Not even to make Liv jealous. Be faithful to your characters. Don’t use textspeak. This has been a PSA.) After a text exchange, Liv gets Rita to sext her a bodyshot of her in lingerie, but her identity remains a mystery to Liv.

'u up? lolololol jk' [youtube]
‘u up? lolololol jk’ [youtube]
As for the murder, a lot of the evidence incriminates Clive. She was shot using his gun (which she stole), and he left her a voicemail warning her to stay away from him the night before her death. Clive recuses himself from the case, leaving Ravi and Liv to investigate.

Liv discovers Regina was suing one of her former clients and eventually figures out that the police captain had an affair with Regina as well. In fact, he stole evidence to cover up this affair. When Liv goes to recover the evidence, she gets caught and ends up in prison. Hungry zombie Liv gets released just before she goes full-on-zom and kills another inmate.

Her investigation leads her back to the former clients after she discovers Regina stole an heirloom ring from the wife and Regina was having an affair with the client’s husband. It turns out the client had her brother assault Regina, and when things got out of hand, the woman shot Regina to save her brother’s life.

In nefarious Max Rager plot this week, the company is now testing its new drink. The evil head of the company volunteers to be a guinea pig – turns out the drink increases human strength dramatically, but they’re still working on that pesky ‘homicidal rage’ side-effect.

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