Marvel Studios has delivered me a most splendid birthday present:

“Buck!” – Captain America

This new trailer is so much more than what sounds impossibly like Captain America cursing. It is also very much that.

It is important to note up top here that this trailer kicks an incredible amount of butt. Metal butt, Bucky butt, the butt of vigilante responsibility… all of it is presented and all of it is summarily kicked.

For those that haven’t been following Marvel news as closely and ravenously as I have, this trailer should help dismiss some of those pesky pieces of misinformation that have been floating around and clue you in as to what exactly this movie will be about. The world is cracking down on supers (perhaps due to those Sokovia Accords mentioned at the end of Ant-Man). The powers that be think that Steve and Co. have been operating with too much freedom. Tony Stark agrees and is willing to operate under restrictions. For his own (probably Bucky-related) reasons, Steve Rogers opposes. So he and those that side with him go on the run. It’s superteam against superteam. Aren’t you excited?

This is a big step out from the Marvel Comics event Civil War from which the film gets its name. In the comic, the superhero divide was about registering heroes’ secret identities. This wouldn’t make much sense since no one in the MCU has a secret identity. Stepping out from the source material allows the movie to become its own thing. Also, the comic is terrible because Mark Millar touched it.

Those concerned that the influx of supers into Cap’s third outing would push Steve from the center of his own movie need not worry. The trailer gives the strong idea that this is still Steve’s movie, even when the ensemble comes to play.

Joe and Anthony Russo are returning to direct after doing a magnificent job on The Winter Soldier. May 6th cannot come soon enough.

This movie is going to be huge. Heck, the trailer is already huge. Its gone up by 50,000 views every ten minutes or so since it dropped.

Personally, I’m Team Cap. If you have Steve, Falcon, and Hawkeye, you have me.

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