Synopsis of 6×07: We find out Glenn’s fate! Honestly, do you care about anything else that happened?

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Glenn’s alive! Which is all around slightly disappointing to the commitment of this show and how much they decided to jerk around the audience before we actually got an answer about his fate. The walkers ate Nicholas, Glenn crawled under the dumpster, and he waited it out long enough to crawl back out and find himself safe. Almost immediately, Enid conveniently throws him a water bottle and he sees his next project.

She runs away from him, clearly not all about the magic of friendship, but he follows her and continually shouts questions about Alexandria. He just wants to know about Maggie, but she just wants him to leave her alone.

Back in Alexandria, we’re really just waiting for the walls to come down for the midseason finale, but let’s muddle through the episode before the midseason finale. The Ricktatorship is in full swing, as Rick tries to speak with both Morgan and Maggie about the state of things. Maggie is still up watching for a sign from Glenn.

Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

In his quest for Enid, Glenn finds the Alexandrian that Michonne was forced to abandon at the gate. He picks up the note for Betsy and keeps it, quickly catching up to Enid. She doesn’t want to go with him and pulls a gun, but he’s pretty insistent and eventually she huffs along.

Father Gabriel is putting up fliers for a prayer circle that day, which Rick promptly ripped down as he walked by – prompting even Carl to cringe a little bit at his actions. Rick’s not making a lot of great decisions lately, as he’s on his way to teach Ron to shoot when he does this. His over-eagerness to shoot and practice should be a red flag for Rick, but he ignores it.

Morgan suspiciously gets caught trying to approach Denise, but brushes her off quickly when she asks him what he’s up to. He ends up talking with Rick and Michonne about how his mindset has changed since they found him in “Clear.” Michonne is the one who points out that things aren’t that simple anymore – not everyone deserves that second chance.

Fuck your fliers, Gabriel. [AMC]
Fuck your fliers, Gabriel. [AMC]
Later, while Rick and Michonne are discussing the surrounding zombies and the best way to clear the perimeter, Deanna comes up to them and hands over previously drawn up plans for the future of Alexandria. They’re skeptical in the face of her hopeful attitude, but Michonne still takes the plans from her.

Rosita is teaching some of the Alexandrians to defend themselves with machetes and Eugene is having none of it. He brings up a great point about people with open-toed shoes being far too close to him for comfort, but Rosita still rips him a new one for not practicing. In possibly her longest monologue ever, she expounds on how living while other people are dying is the hardest part of the apocalypse. He… leaves practice.

Rick is beginning to fortify the walls around Alexandria, never mind that the hammering would probably attract more walkers to that weak spot being fixed, and gets a little help from Tobin – the guy who gave up the construction projects to Abraham pretty easily. They have a moment, as this episode is all about looking at the Alexandrians through Rick’s lens.

Enid and Glenn find some helium balloons that someone had to have blown up recently, while also having a heart to heart. Glenn seems to see a lot of himself in Enid, even though he was trying to say that Maggie would’ve wanted him to save her. Remember when Maggie abandoned Bob and Sasha? Good times.

Ron uses a distraction to get Olivia away from the guns and manages to squirrel away some real bullets. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Spencer, loveable idiot that he is, attempts to use a hook to rappel over the wall and walkers. He fails, with Tara having to shoot the walkers attacking him and Rick, Morgan, and Tobin to help him climb back up. Rick screams at Tara about almost dying once for these people and her response is to give him the finger. When he turns his rage on Spencer, Rick’s questioned as to whether or not he would’ve listened to Spencer’s ill-fated plan.

Meanwhile, Morgan gets the courage to recruit Denise to his operation save the W man. Sadly, Carol spots them and does quick work of following them to their locked basement. She quickly passes babysitting duties of Judith off to Jessie, has a moment with Sam about how to keep from becoming a monster (kill), and then is off to confront Morgan’s terrible idea head-on.

After the dust settles, Rick is forced to apologize to Tara and then seems really, really, really confused as to why she would risk her life for “them,” when she simply sees them as a larger extension of the group now. Deanna also thanks him, even as he berates her son and his dumb plan some more.

Everyone inside of Alexandria notices a large cluster of green balloons, something Maggie takes as a sign of Glenn, and for a moment it seems like things are looking up. Of course that can’t be the case with the midseason finale on the horizon and Glenn already granted mercy this episode. In a final shot, the tower just outside of Alexandria falls, bringing down a large section of the wall with it.

Bring on the walkers and the deaths of many Alexandrians we don’t care at all about!


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