Yes, we’re at the point where we’re all freaking out over teaser trailers for the actual, full trailer. I don’t even care and I doubt a lot of you guys do either. We’re Star Wars fans and this is JJ Abrams. We’ll take whatever we can get! I am so pumped for The Force Awakens full trailer’s release tomorrow night during Monday Night Football that I might actually watch Monday Night Football.

Though only fifteen seconds long, this trailer gives us two very exciting new scenes. We see Poe Dameron with blaster in hand outside of his X-Wing cockpit. We also see Finn in Resistance garb surrounded by Resistance pilots and fighters. In an extended clip on Facebook, Finn and Poe briefly interact – though whether they know each other at that point is unclear. The other clips included – one of Rey, one of BB-8, and one of Kylo Ren in the snow – we’ve seen before. But I still get goosebumps eery time I see them. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together for the full trailer.

Get hyped people! I know I am. The cast is, too. John Boyega even posted something cryptic – and probably Star Wars related – on his Instagram page to get us all stoked!

Keep in mind, too, that we’re not just getting a new trailer tomorrow. Tickets go on sale as well sometime after the trailer dropps. If that doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what will!

UPDATED: CTV has posted yet another clip which builds up on a scene we had seen briefly in previous teasers!

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