Even though the first season of Fear The Walking Dead may have ended last night, the series isn’t completely over and done with just yet. Last night marked the release of the first in sixteen planned webisodes that will be released online and on-air every Sunday night alongside new episodes of The Walking Dead. Ultimately one character from the webseries will be joining the main cast of Fear The Walking Dead for it’s second series.

So who will it be?

This first webisode doesn’t tell us much. It clocks in at just under one-and-a-half minutes and though we see a number of potential new characters we don’t get much from them just yet. We’re only really introduced to Jake, a teenager who is on a trip out to (presumably) California to meet his father while his mother waits for a later flight. He’s anxious for some reason and it doesn’t help that he can hear screaming in the background as he talks to his mother from the plane. It probably doesn’t help that the girl in front of him is grumpy for not apparent reason, either.

We learn from another passenger that they are grounding planes. This one, though, seems to still be taking off. Since zombies on a plane sounds like a terrible thing to have to deal with (and looked like a terrible thing to have to deal with in the World War Z movie) they probably would have been better off staying on the ground.

I suspect that we’ll spend a little bit more time with other passengers in the next fifteen installments of the webseries – characters like praying lady, irate man, and grumpy girl – all of whom could be joining the cast of Fear the Walking Dead as we go along. At the moment, though, we don’t know enough to even begin wildly speculating. But that won’t stop us right? You can watch the first websiode of Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 yourself above.

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