What would you do if beasts from the sea rose up and made a rather successful attempt to conquer you who were on the land? Would you believe and submit? Or would you fight for your life? These are exactly the types of questions Schismatic began to tackle in its first issue. In a world where the Dark Order rules, and the worshipers of a lunar goddess suffer, two parents are forced to fight in order to make their way back to their children. All of the odds are against them, but the love of these parents for their children looks to beat the odds as they begin their journey.

I had the chance to read issue one and was immediately entranced. The art quality on this particular comic is superb, and is the work of Rachael Briner, an extremely talented artist who has done storyboards for Microsoft and Disney. Taking her first foray into the comic book world with Schismatic, she brings the world of  Elokatu to life with vibrant colors and spot-on expressions. The contrast between the members of the Dark Order and the main characters is stunning, and the visuals will immediately pull you in.

The writing, compliments of Andrew Adams, appears solid and certainly left me wanting to know what would happen next. Well paced and laced with a budding mythology slowly being revealed to the reader to help pull them into the world the comic inhabits round out a beautiful final product. I can only imagine what issue number two and following will bring as they round out the six-issue series.

Though all six issues can only happen if people step up and join in on their Kickstarter campaign. I’m no stranger to the process of Kickstarting indie comics, and a Kickstarter can make or break a project. With ten days left on the clock, the crew behind Schismatic is just over halfway to their goal with quite a ways to go. However, it isn’t an impossible feat as demonstrated by a number of other campaigns we’ve highlighted over the past year. It just takes a couple dollars from everyone who reads this to make it happen.

Plus, you’ve got the chance not only to get a great comic, but snag a bunch of excellent swag. So don’t wait, don’t procrastinate, get over to their Kickstarter campaign right now and become part of Schismatic history.

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