Synopsis of 5×06: The scuba suits are back on the offensive, and it looks like they’re bringing unhappy, repressed memories to the main cast.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Can we talk about how over the ‘Dread Doctors’ storyline I am? Because there’s only so much hyped up mystery a gal can take before I expect some delivery on the suspense. At this point, the writers have practically Moffated their way into a corner where there’s no way the promise of the reveal can meet expectations without being perfectly incomprehensible.

Anyway. This week starts out with a strange framing device that made me think I had somehow missed an episode – we start out with Scott and the gang fighting the scuba suits in the hospital before they (barely) escape with their lives.

After the intro credits, we cut to a pan of the Beacon Hills field, which is riddled with chimera holes. Seriously, they’re everywhere – much like in the plot of this show.

Stiles still feels guilty about killing Donovan, a fact which later comes back to bite him after Theo kills the chimera-of-the-week and blackmails Stiles into keeping his secret from Scott.

In other news, Lydia and Parrish have started Lydia’s ju-jitsu training, and it involves a lot of sexual tension before Lydia has a memory of the Doctors.

We finally learn nameless girl ,who’s eternally angry with Liam, is named Hayden. Those two get some quality screen time with a sports competition montage, which is equally charged with sexual tension. Remember when this show was mainly concerned with how well the boys did on the lacrosse team? We didn’t realize how good we had it.

Anyway, Hayden’s mad at Liam because she got in the middle of one of his fistfights in the sixth grade. Hayden took a punch to the face, leaving her with a black eye for her yearbook picture. Of course, she also gave Liam a matching injury for his photo.

We later learn Hayden is on kidney transplant meds and has glowing, chimera eyes.

In the meantime, the main gang are all having memories triggered by reading the Dread Doctor book. Lydia remembers her grandmother drilling through her own head, Scott has an asthma attack and remembers the death of his dog, and Stiles remembers his mother on the roof babbling about how her son was trying to kill her. All in all, it’s superhappyfuntimes.

In other random news, Theo is still being a snake – from recording Kira’s Japanese sleep talk (and translating it to ‘I am the messenger of death’) to suggestively exercising in front of Malia shirtless, Theo is the evil eye candy of the week.

Also, it looks like Kira’s kitsune spirit may be getting the best of her – Mason explains that she can’t focus on the Dread Doctor book because it was meant to confuse kitsunes.

The episode ends with Lydia trying to trigger more memories in the hospital OR before the gang gets attacked by the Doctors.

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