Synopsis: Mr. Robot tries to pull fsociety back together. Angela faces an old nemesis.

Rating: ★★★★☆

I honestly still have steam coming out my ears from last week’s episode. I still think it was a dick move to kill off poor Shayla.

I’m equally upset with Elliot’s narration on the fact that he’ll miss her, and he hates himself for what happened, but all he can do is get over it.

I mean he’s not wrong, and ultimately, that’s entirely true to his character. But I don’t have to like it.

What I did like was the wonderful flashback to how Elliot and Shayla met. It didn’t even seem like a flashback at first, just Elliot walking to his apartment, and then she appeared, looking much younger and happier than we’ve seen her. We also found out that Elliot inherited his pet fish from her. I’m emotional.

Only the good die young. [USA]
Only the good die young. [USA]
Meanwhile, Angela is still hell-bent on exposing Evil-corp. She managed to get the lawyers to let her meet with the former CEO, and convinced him to testify against Evil-corp in exchange for admitting to corrupting Allsafe’s system.

He’s a tool, but Angela totally suckered him in by appealing to his vanity, only to confront him as one of the victims of his actions. And for once the dirtbag was speechless. It was pretty cool.

However now she’ll have to live with the knowledge that Gideon and his whole company will go down because of what she did. Her friends will lose their jobs, their clients will be exposed. And Oliver is still out for payback. She’ll have to decide if her desire for revenge is stronger than her guilt.

It’s amazing how alike she and Elliot are becoming, despite the fact that they’re keeping different versions of the same secret from each other.

But with Oliver still stuck with Darlene’s hacker friends, the two worlds are about to collide.

Just can't catch a break. [USA]
Just can’t catch a break. [USA]
Mr. Robot, on the other hand, is busy being a total psycho and threatening people with guns to do his bidding. With fsociety more or less disbanded, he’s panicked and scrambling for a way to continue his plan.

After getting frustrated with Darlene for failing to get the Dark Army back on their side, he holds Romero at gunpoint until he agrees to get back in.

Darlene, for her part, gets Trenton back on board more organically, in a great little scene where, after Trenton describes how everyone else is in this for the thrill or the fame, Darlene says the two of them were fated to meet, and can make a difference even though the rest of the team is nuts.

This is lucky too, because White Rose got in touch with them. No one knows why, but after breaking the deal and months of silence, the leader of the Dark Army himself wants to meet with fsociety. Which absolutely cannot mean anything good.

Oh yeah, and Tyrell straight killed someone in cold blood for absolutely no apparent reason.

Also Tyrell killed someone on a rooftop for no apparent reason and then freaked out about it? [USA]
????? [USA]

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