Synopsis: The Doctor Who robots get an official name (Dread Doctors) and the team figures out they’re making supernatural chimeras. What they don’t know (yet) is that Theo is working with them. Things between Lyds and Parrish heat up both literally and figuratively, only partially because it looks like Parrish is a goddamn phoenix.

Rating: ★★★★☆

I’ve been pretty underwhelmed with this season of Teen Wolf so far in terms of character development, but this episode delivered one of the only things that keeps me watching this beautiful trainwreck: Lydia/Parrish flirtation.

And boy, are things heating up. Literally.

Like, there’s a lot of fire.

Lyds and Parrish open the episode – Parrish is playing with a deck of cards – the queen looks strangely similar to Lydia’s face. Lydia asks Parrish to do a trick for her.

Parrish says he only knows one card trick. Aw, Parrish, sweetie, she wants to play a different trick.

Preferably a trick where your clothes come off. []
Lydia pulls out a lighter. After Parrish walked away from Tracy and glowing talon scrape unscathed, Lydia wants to test whether or not he’s flame-resistant. The two make sexually-charged eye contact across the table. Let’s just say the zippo is not the only thing that’s on fire in this room.

At first, Parrish pulls his hand away from the flame, but after Lydia tells him to focus on something other than the pain (*cough* HER *cough*), he manages to withstand the fire on his palm as long as Lydia holds it there without getting burnt.

Parrish tells Lydia about a recurring dream where he’s on fire and bringing a singed body to the base of the nemetod. The body looks similar to Lydia’s. We flip back to him playing with cards; the queen card’s face is now singed off.

At the end of the episode, an entranced Parrish delivers the body of the baddie-of-the-week Lucas to the roots of the nemetod before Parrish bursts into flame.

Supermainpoint: Looks like Parrish is a freaking phoenix.

The other major development this week was the discovery of the Dread Doctors (creepy robots) and their attempt to manufacture supernatural chimeras.

Donovan, the twerp from last week, gets the chimera treatment. The Doctors turn him into a wendigo and Theo, apparently in league with the Doctors, suggests that Donovan targets Stiles to get revenge on the Sheriff. Theo tells Donovan that the Doctors choose to keep or kill their experiments, so he needs to prove himself, and quickly.

Okay, cool. But does the position come with dental? []
Okay, cool. But does the position come with dental? []
In the meantime, Lydia is in surgery after being sliced up by Tracy. She flickers in between visions of the Dread Doctors and the OR while on the operating table. Once she wakes up, she asks Parrish to teach her how to fight – which explains the Kill Bill moves from the first episode.

With the appearance of the masked villains, Stiles adds some words to his vision board before Malia erases, “Who is the desert wolf?” because chica understands there are more important things than finding a mother who doesn’t want to be found.

After Scott figures out someone’s manufacturing chimeras from a boy with a nasty ‘scorpion’ bite at the hospital, he and Kira rush off to subdue the baddie-du-jour, Lucas. Lucas is a weird humanoid scorpion who is currently locking lips with Mason at a gay bar while Liam and nameless shot girl from the 6th grade verbally spar in the distance. Scott and Kira incapacitate Lucas- Kira’s kitsune spirit emerges to kill Lucas, but Scott stops her.

So hot; hot damn. [tvequals]
Right afterward, the Dread Doctors harpoon Lucas, killing him. Scott asks why they murdered him. They respond that his condition was ‘terminal.’ *~~*EPISODE TITLE NAME DROP*~~*

Scott talks with Melissa and resolves to save his friends. The two put Lucas’ body in the morgue, where Parrish ends up retrieving it to bring to the nemetod in a trance.

Shawty call 9-1-1 fire burnin’ on the nemetod. [ladygeekgirl.wordpress]
The episode closes with Stiles repairing his Jeep with more duct tape on the side of the road, right before he gets jumped by wendigo Donovan.

Oh, and Scott offhandedly says he loves Kira for the first time before they rush into the gay bar. As per usual, he doesn’t realize what a dense goofball move that was, but he and Kira will presumably deal with their ~feelings~ next episode.

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