Can you believe it’s already been two months since the last Marvel Collector Corps box was mailed out? Time certainly does fly when you’re fanaticizing over the Marvel MCU. Ant-Man hits theatres July 17th and this June box comes well ahead of the release, which means we’ve got some cool merchandise to get us hyped plus a sweet t-shirt to wear to the premiere.

So, what exactly did we get this month?


Exclusive Ant-Man POP! Bobblehead
This is the hands down coolest thing in this box. When I saw this I kind of freaked out for a moment. The Hulkbuster last time around was cool but we knew what was coming. I had no idea this was going to be in the box. First off, it’s an unmasked Ant-Man. I love unmasked figures. I just think they’re awesome. But it’s not just an unmasked Ant-Man. Oh, no. This is an unmasked Ant-Man that comes with a mini Ant-Man bobble head. Apparently Funko’s smallest bobblehead ever (it, admittedly, doesn’t bobble well due to the size) it’s adorable. This alone makes this box worth it.

Ant-Man Mystery Minis
Every item in the Marvel Collector Corps boxes is exclusive so it’s no surprise that I had no idea Funko was even making Ant-Man Mystery Minis until opening this month’s box. There are four possible figures – one Yellowjacket, two Ant-Man suits, and an unmasked Ant-Man. There’s a 1/4 chance of getting each so, unfortunately, you’ll only walk away with half of these at best.

Ant-Man T-Shirt
Last month there were four different t-shirts you may have gotten, but so far in other unboxings I’ve only seen the one I got. That’s fine–it’s really cool! I wasn’t a fan of the Age of Ultron t-shirt and this one definitely blows it out of the water. It’s a cooler design based on the ‘actual size’ movie posters and it’s the kind of shirt I can wear proudly to the premiere.

Ant-Man #5 Variant
Usually, I’d be a bit wary of being handed the fifth issue in an on-going series, but after giving it a read-through Ant-Man #5 is actually a great one-shot issue. Definitely worth a read and a great addition for variant collectors.

Ant-Man Collector Corps Swag
And, we’ve come to the weakest items in this month’s box. I’m already not much of a fan of the patch and pin that come with every box. I love the idea of them. Patches and pins are awesome. I just wish they took more of a generic, Disney collector pin-esque angle than their current style that just feels like it’s blatant advertising. But I will say I love the more classic character designs they use.

Honestly, I was really impressed with this box.

I know we’re only two months into the Collector Corps but it really is turning out to be everything I’d have hoped for in a subscription box from Marvel and Funko. So far we’ve gotten cool Funko POP! exclusives, adorable minis, t-shirts to wear to premieres, and other little extras. In just two months, it’s proven to be more than worth the money for the POP! exclusives alone. I’ve started cutting down on my subscription boxes lately and let me tell you–this isn’t one I’m willing to give up!

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