Synopsis: Donnie and Alison are having too many disagreements, Sarah and Felix take a road trip to steal one of her sisters’ identities for Rachel, and Cosima tries to quit her job at the Dyad Institute.

Rating: ★★★★☆

New clone! New clone! We finally meet the clone we spotted in the season premiere, Krystal Goderitch, when Delphine goes to her to get her nails done. Rudy and another Castor clone attempted to kidnap her, but otherwise she’s unaware of Project Leda and monitors and all the nonsense the self-aware clones are wrapped up in.

Dr. Coady survived the grenade with fewer fingers to meet up with Paul’s old boss in the same cantina Helena and Sarah had stopped at. Interestingly, it’s implied that Leda and Castor may not be the only factors (clones?!) in this race.

Sarah is struggling with her visions of Beth and the toll everything is taking on her. She discusses it with Cosima a bit, who isn’t doing so hot herself. She encourages Sarah to call Scott and figure out a game plan to get Rachel to decode the book. Eventually, Rachel agrees to help them read it if they steal Krystal’s identity for her, so that she can escape to Taiwan. Sarah and Felix argue over the merits of this, but settle on it being the best plan of action.

At least she's still got Shay... for now. []
At least she’s still got Shay… for now. []
Cosima shows Shay around the lab, reminding us hilariously that, “Scott loves lesbians.” She almost discovers the coded book before Cosima hastily takes it from her and hands it over to Scott, who shoves it into his bag. Delphine breaks up the party to talk about Cosima’s health: they’re going to need more stem cells from Kira to get her another treatment.

Meanwhile, Alison and Donnie have somehow become the resident babysitters – taking in both Gracie and Helena – though Donnie isn’t thrilled with the idea. Helena takes a liking to him and his dad jokes immediately and then seems to forgive Gracie just as easily when they’re re-introduced for the first time at Bubbles. Unfortunately, Donnie and Alison aren’t getting along as well, as Donnie’s still upset that Jason thought he was kissing Alison last week.

When Felix and Sarah make it to Krystal, we’re treated to Jordan Garavis’ real voice – which is totally weird to think about. He gets some information from her, and succeeds in stealing her wallet for her IDs, but not without an extreme amount of guilt. On the surface, she seems like an airhead, but Felix finds a notebook where she’s starting to figure out things on her own.

Rudy shows up at Scott’s house and holds his cat, Denise, hostage for the book and Scott has no choice but to hand it over and tip off Delphine. When they go to Scott’s apartment, they are forced to tell Delphine about the book and how Rachel is the only one that can read it. She’s not pleased. They know they have a rat; the question is who is it?

The Hendricks Home for Wayward Children: Bubbles []
The Hendricks Home for Wayward Children: Bubbles []
Jason shows up at Bubbles to talk about the kiss with Alison, but only succeeds in kissing her before she tells him she’s married. Taking initiative, Donnie borrows Alison’s phone and texts Jason to get him to show up at the house. They get into a fight, where Jason knocks out Donnie and promptly leaves. But not before giving us a great insult, “Boat-shoe, Chino-wearing bitch!”

One of Scott’s gaming friends delivers a copy of the book to Sarah and they proceed to jail break Rachel so that she can start decoding it for them. Rachel only gets a page into the translation before Delphine’s goons break in and take the book and Rachel back. They get Delphine the copy, but have to take Rachel in for surgery.

At the same time, Cosima delivers her resignation to Delphine. After the doctor informs Delphine that Rachel has been put into a coma – making the book effectively useless to all of them – she accepts Cosima’s resignation and fires Scott.

It’s revealed that Rachel escaped with the help of the doctor and is in the process of getting a prosthetic eye. Unfortunately, Krystal has been put into a coma in her place – the poor girl never had a chance. Both Sarah and Delphine are in the dark about this development, so who knows how things will turn out for Rachel.

This happened. []
This happened. []
Next week, Helena makes a bad (good?) decision and Cosima begins to have second thoughts about Shay now that Delphine has given her the file. Is anyone talking about Helena’s baby yet? Besides Helena? Shouldn’t they feed that girl some more or something?

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