Do you miss life in Pawnee, Indiana? I sure do. Even though I came to love Parks and Recreation a little late in the game, my soul still yearns for new episodes to grace my television screen. Unfortunately for us, that is not in the cards, and we’re left to try and cope with the loss. That’s why I’ve gone and put together the top five things Parks and Recreation fans can do even though new episodes are no longer being produced.

5. Cosplay

Keep the spirit of Pawnee alive by reenacting some of the best moments of the series. Personally, I’m not really big into cosplay. I don’t exactly have the looks for it and a lot of the time costumes in general make me feel pretty uncomfortable. However, out of my love of the show, I’ve been working on a Burt Macklin, FBI costume to wear to conventions. Something as simple as working on putting together the pieces, and owning his trademark sunglasses, really helps me to still feel connected to this amazing show even in its absence.

4. Have Parks and Recreation viewing parties

Believe it or not, there are people who still haven’t experienced Parks and Recreation. The good news? It is available in its entirety on Hulu Plus (only $7.99/month)  and seasons one through six are available on Netflix streaming. This means you can host your own Parks and Recreation viewing party complete with waffles, copious amounts of meat, and absolutely NO salads of any sort. Relive your favorite moments with friends, or introduce someone new to the glory that is Parks and Recreation.

If streaming services aren’t for you, keep an eye out for the entire series box set slated to come out on June 2nd.


3. Buy things that remind you of it

Now, the NBC store has a decent selection of licensed goods that you can purchase. However, they’re expensive, as are most licensed things. I did break down and buy a Mouse Rat t-shirt when there was a really great sale going on with free shipping, but outside of that nothing in the NBC store has really stuck out to me. Parks and Recreation for me isn’t so much about wearing people’s faces on my chest referencing the show as it is finding nuanced ways to remember this precious piece of television ever day.

You could buy THESE breakfast socks, for example. Or THESE waffle earrings. Maybe you want to buy a pair of aviator sunglasses like Andy Dwyer’s Burt Macklin wore. Whatever you see that reminds you of the show, buy it!

2. Celebrate Galentines Day

Galentines day is one of the greatest Parks and Recreation creations. The coolest thing is, it doesn’t even have to be February 13th to take some time to celebrate your friends. Get together, dress up, go to a sit down restaurant and extend homemade gifts. One of the best parts about this show was the focus on friendship and taking care of each other. Any day is a suitable day to celebrate your friends, and Galentines Day is a great representation of friends taking care of and loving on one another.

1. Check out Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Not only was Amy Poehler amazing on the show, but she’s an amazing person in the real world. Out of her heart for helping young people, she started a site called Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls. It is a website that encourages community, friendship, and dance parties. Smart Girls is the embodiment of the Pawnee spirit. It focuses on building relationships and helping young people realize that they’re not alone in the world. There’s advice, columns on subjects such as dealing with embarrassment or other normal life related things, and there’s also videos where Amy Poehler answers questions and gives advice.

The heart of Pawnee lives on in you, and if you engage in these five things you’ll take it with you where ever you go. Let’s bring a little bit of Parks and Recreation whimsy into our everyday lives.

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