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Released earlier today by IGN, the world got some exciting news: there’s going to be a new Back to the Future movie. Except this time, there’s going to be a little bit of a twist. Slated to come out this year, this made-in-secret movie isn’t just going to revisit good old Marty McFly and the Professor. Instead, it is going to put a new spin on an old, well loved classic that is going to have audiences in a tizzy.

That’s right, folks, this new movie is going to be a cross-over with the Fast and Furious movies. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Both boast fast-moving cars (albeit 88 mph isn’t exactly racing speed) and exciting plot lines. They’re also both sets of movies that have series instead of standalone films. It just makes more sense to combine two well loved series into one to create the ultimate car-based time traveling movie.

Or maybe it is just a prank for April Fool’s.

Unfortunately for us die hard fans of either Back to the Future or the Fast and Furious movies, there isn’t going to be any sort of crossover movie. Odds are, given the release of the trailer and the fact it is supposed to come out this year with zero marketing, that this is just a well played April Fool’s Day ruse by on by the folks over at IGN. Thanks for getting our hopes up, guys. Really, though, well played.

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