The Vampire Diaries: I Alone (6×09)

Synopsis: Damon and Elena go on a rescue mission for Bonnie, only to be thwarted by Kai. Meanwhile, Kai attacks Liv and eventually flees to Mystic Falls where the vampires can’t reach him.


This week is all about Bonnie and Kai.

Last week, Damon compelled Alaric to get the Ascendant from Joe by whatever means possible. This is when Ric breaks out the big guns.

Wine and Thai food.

That’s right – Ric is pretty much the perfect boyfriend except for the whole stealing-things-from-your-underwear-drawer schtick, but hey, I’d be willing to excuse that bad habit for some satay chicken and yellow curry. I’m just saying, everyone has their flaws. Not everyone has excellent taste in wine and takeout. Anyway, Ric absconds with the Ascendant enabling Damon and Elena to go back to 1994 to rescue Bonnie. Liv performs the spell and links them with her blood so they can get back after a few hours.

Delena make contact with Bonnie, who suddenly knows how to hot wire cars, and they agree to meet up in Mystic Falls before their blood-tie bond expires. Bonnie should have just enough time to make it back from Portland – which begs the question, why the hell didn’t Damon and Elena meet her halfway along the road? Seriously. I don’t think there’s a reason why the spell actually has to take place in Mystic Falls, so you might as well, I dunno, not cut it so goddamn close to your magical expiration date and hope that nothing goes wrong. Spoiler alert: things go wrong.

Specifically, Kai goes wrong. Our favorite resident homicidal sociopath is living it up in the present day murdering taxi drivers and getting drinks at Liv’s bar. After Kai’s done playing with Liv verbally, he physically attacks her and steals her magic, ending the magic that brought Elena and Damon to The Other Side. Tyler protects Liv and drives Kai away for the time being.

In a side plot that no one cares about – Stefan and Sarah (the most consistent chick Jeremy has been banging to deal with his man pain) have a Salvatore family reunion. Things get bittersweet when Stefan figures out Sarah is a con artist (named Monique) who isn’t related to the Salvatores. He compels her to forget him and Mystic Falls, but Enzo snaps her neck before she can escape. Enzo’s still a little bitter about Stefan’s devil-may-care attitude toward his friends and family. I feel like lashing out is understandable.

Elena gets mad at Damon for being selfish and taking the Ascendant without Joe’s permission, which seems really snotty given the fact that nothing within Elena’s character would suggest that she wouldn’t have done exactly the same thing herself to get her friend back.

Seriously. It’s like Elena has this weird emotional dissonance going on between what she wants and the necessary means to get it. But hey, Damon tells her that his motives are unselfish, and all is well between the Would-Have-Been-Kinda-Were-Lovers.

Once Elena and Damon get kicked out of The Other Side – Kai shatters the Ascendant and sets it on fire before running off into Mystic Falls, where no vampire can follow.

On The Other Side, Bonnie returns to Mystic Falls to find an empty house, and she crumbles.

The episode closes with Kai proposing a deal to save Liv’s life with Tyler. Something tells me that’s not the best idea.

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