Synopsis of 4×10: Snow Queen unleashes her spell, Emma and Elsa try to find Anna, and Gold uses Hook to get what he wants.


We open on Snow Queen and Gold making a new deal featuring a loophole in the spell she is casting. Gold wants to leave with Belle and Henry and have them spared from the Spell of Shattered Sight. So while the rest of Storybrooke has to prepare for the spell that will tear everyone apart, Gold, Henry, and Belle will get to leave. Regina and the Charmings come up with a brilliant plan of escaping the town by climbing over the ice wall. It seems like the Snow Queen had thought of this and, when David strikes the wall, it causes more pillars to shoot up. This isn’t totally in vain as Elsa finds Anna’s necklace. Meanwhile, back in Gold’s shop Belle has found out that the spell can be broken by a potion/spell and hair from a person who has been afflicted by the spell before. So Elsa and Emma are off to find Anna.

Back in past Arendelle, Anna and Kristoff unfreeze from the Snow Queen’s ice curse just to find out the urn is gone. Not all is lost because Anna finds a straw piece that leads her to assume that Rumpelstiltskin has the urn. Sassy Kristoff points out that is a big assumption to make on a tiny piece of straw. Hans bursts in to ruin the party, and lets them know he’s going to take over Arendelle. Unfortunately for him, Kristoff and Anna are able to escape.

In Storybrooke, Gold tells Hook that Hook is going to use the hat to capture all the fairies so Gold can escape with his family. Does anyone else really dislike Gold this season? It feels like he’s taken twelve steps back now that Neal is gone and has reverted to Enchanted Forest Pre-Belle Rumple. Anyway, Hook is forced to obey him as Gold took his heart. Hook questions him about why he would leave the town to this horrific fate, and Gold gives us the new iconic line, “I don’t have time for everyone else, and if I have to choose between everyone else and me, me wins every time.” What a jerk.

In Arnedelle, Kristoff and Anna escape and while Kristoff really doesn’t want to go fight an evil wizard, Anna is all for it. Luckily, she remembers that her parents were searching for a wishing start that the pirate Blackbeard has. Kristoff points out that their choices now are evil wizard or dastardly pirate, not exactly great choices or odds for the pair. Anna is super optimistic as always and says that they can just pay off the pirate for the star considering she is filthy rich. Comes in handy sometimes being a princess with tons of gold at your disposal I suppose. So off they go to find Blackbeard. They find him aboard his ship where he says that they can buy the star by giving him his weight in gold. Unfortunately for them, Hans got there before they did.

Elsa and Emma use a locator spell on Anna’s necklace in an attempt to find her to get the cure to the spell. They follow the necklace to the library, and down into the mines where the necklace is glowing super bright outside of a blocked passage. Elsa is naturally freaking out as she just knows that her sister is right there on the other side. They run back and find Mary Margaret, Grumpy, and Regina to tell them the news and find a way to save Anna. David bursts in to tell them the great news of the fairies, believing they can make a cure with the dust from the necklace, but it’ll destroy the piece. So now they have to choose, find and save Anna to cure the town, or destroy the necklace and save the town.

Regina points out that they have to make the choice that will give the town the best chance. For once, the Charmings agree and tell Elsa that they have to allow the fairies to destroy the necklace and save the town. For the first time they actually choose to save more lives than just one. Which I mean, could have saved them a bunch of trouble back when they had Regina in the stocks, but I digress. Regina and Emma take the bag holding the necklace to the fairies just to find out that it is really a bag of pebbles. Emma rushes off to find Elsa in the mines trying to open the blocked wall to save Anna. She manages to open the wall just to find it leads to the beach. Emma tries to let her down easy by saying magic isn’t always perfect and thirty years is a really long time.

On Blackbeard’s ship, Hans is making things super complicated by thwarting Anna and Kristoff’s plan to buy the star from Blackbeard. Hans has them tied up so he can take them back as hostages. Blackbeard tells Anna that he did in fact meet her parents and sold them the star at cost. However, it cannot be used by anyone who does not have a pure heart. Anna isn’t phased and tells him that she will buy a second one from him and can pay much more than Hans will be able to. Hans quips that he and his brothers spent the previous day rolling around in the royal treasury and basically hava taken control of Arendelle. Anna is naturally confused by that figure of speech, bless her little heart. He tells her that she’s now penniless, and won’t need money where she’s going. Hans has Kristoff and Anna locked up in a box and tossed over at the exact spot where Anna’s parents’ ship went down. As he is about to close the box, Hans reveals that the ice spell has had all of them frozen for the past thirty years and if Elsa hadn’t gotten out of the urn by now, she’s never getting out. The crew tosses them overboard which gives us one of the most heart breaking scenes ever.
Back on the beach, the star has stopped glowing and Elsa breaks down. Emma tries to tell her that they need to get to safety because the curse is about to hit and the townspeople may attack them. Elsa makes the wish that she wishes Anna was with her now, and is sorry for all that she has done, and her failure in not finding Anna sooner. A whirlpool starts, and a trunk pops out releasing Anna and Kristoff. It’s magical. It’s heart wrenching. And it’s the perfect ending to this quest.

Emma and Elsa quickly explain what is happening to Anna, who is familiar with the curse, and agrees to try to do whatever she can to stop it. They rush back to Granny’s to find that Gold’s plan has been acted upon by the super unwilling Hook. Now they have to find a new way to save Storybrooke and all the people within before they tear each other apart. I’m going to say it again, poor Hook for being forced into Gold’s terrible plan. While he may have had a rotten past, he’s one of the very few bad guys who is actually trying to be good.

All across the town, people are locking themselves up and away from everyone they love or even remotely care about. Belle is locked in the shop,

Henry in the mayor’s office, and Regina has sealed herself in the vault. The Charmings request to be locked up in the jail cells and ask Emma to turn the key to keep them in. Hearts break as Mary Margret hands baby Neal over to Emma to keep him safe while the curse hits. Emma breaks down hard. Even with all the faith in the world from her parents, Emma doubts that they will be able to save the town. Hook comes in to say goodbye one more time, which is incredibly risky considering his heart is controlled by Gold, and a terrible spell is about to hit. They kiss and say goodbye before he goes to lock himself up. Elsa, Anna, and Emma brace together for the storm as the rest of the town is hit by one of the worst storms this town has seen.

I’m not sure what is going to happen in the next episode, but I sure do hope that it ties up this cliff hanger and ties this season up. This episode gave me so many feels and was one of the few I really enjoyed, even with all the tears.


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