Reign: The Lamb and the Slaughter [6×04]

Synopsis: Lola and Francis christen their baby, while Mary tells Francis she’s pregnant only to lose the baby later in the episode. The promised Reckoning begins with ghosts haunting the castle and members of the kingdom being driven to homicidal mania. In unrelated news, Greer gets with Lord Castleroy.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Everyone loves a baby- but no one more so than Catherine.

She really loves babies.

Horse -urine-and-wine loves babies. (Which is apparently some sort of folk pregnancy test?)

Lookin' for babies. [farfarawaysite]
Lookin’ for babies. [farfarawaysite]
Anyway, Catherine loves the childrens, especially her grandchildren – be they legitimate or not – which is why she’s meticulously planning the christening of Lola and Francis’ son. She’s also trying to sow the seeds of discord between Lola and Mary, with a fair measure of success, to everyone’s dismay.

Lola spends most of the episode oscillating from guilt to indignant rage because everything baby-related will inevitably bring up this storyline. She and Mary fight about Lola’s future living situation outside of the castle, and Mary releases Lola from her service. Afterward, we flash to an exuberant Mary and Francis, who are celebrating an expectant Mary! Catherine and everyone are protectively overjoyed.

In other news, we run into Estelle, the lone survivor of the plague from her family, married to Lord Scumbag Narcisse. One cage to another, Estelle.

Lola spends most of the episode trying to liberate Estelle from her husband, only to find that Estelle’s been attempting suicide and has been seeing visions of her dead family. After Estelle leaves her husband, she throws herself off a cliff, so really a Pyrrhic victory for Lola.

Laith’s been back at court ever since Lord Narcisse took the deeds to his land, so Greer spends her screen time making conflicted eyes at him across the ballroom. Greer finally figures out that she wants to be with Lord Castleroy because she’ll always wonder if Laith’s ambition is for her or for himself. No one is convinced. Except maybe Castleroy, who gets with Greer at the end of the episode.

Outside the castle walls, there are reports of citizens getting kidnapped and forced to renounce their God in return for safety from The Reckoning. Bash and Louis (which should really be the CW’s next spinoff series) investigate and find out those who refuse the deal end up experiencing a psychotic break and murdering their families.

The candles in the background were lit by the fire of their sexual tension. [farfarawaysite]
The candles in the background were actually lit by the fire of their sexual tension. [farfarawaysite]
Finally, back to Mary. She and Lola reconcile and Lola names Mary as the godmother to her child. Just before the ceremony, Mary starts bleeding and loses her child. Louis is proximal when all of this is happening, and there is so much chemistry between the actors that I kinda hope the two get together at some point during Mary’s reign.


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