Grimm season four begins this week, so in preparation I’ve put together a quick list of things anyone should know about season three. This is going to just be a general overview of the season leading up to the season four premiere this Friday, October 24th, on NBC.
  • Season three started out with Nick being carted off to Europe in a plane under the influence of a powerful toxin. In a fit caused by his altered state, he causes the plane to crash and ended up killing a man in self-defense as he went on a rampage.
  • Captain Renard had his brother Eric assassinated and their cousin, Viktor, took his place as prince.
  • Adalind Shade became pregnant with a royal child, either by Captain Renard or Eric, no one is really sure. The assumption is that it is Renard’s.
  • We learned more about the Resistance and the Royals as viewers got a chance to go to Europe and see some of what is happening overseas, outside of Portland.
  • A new Grimm came on the scene toward the end of the season. Trubel, a young, troubled woman, became Nick’s protégé.
  • A lot of new wesen were introduced this season, including El Cucuy, which was my favorite episode of season three.
  • Viewers got a better look at the The Wesen Counsil and the world of Grimms and Wesen was fleshed out a lot throughout the entire season.
  • Adalind goes on the run, protected by the Resistance, and ends up having her “demon baby” in a cabin in the woods. The baby is eerily powerful and already showing magical abilities.
  • Monroe and Rosalee get engaged and, in the season finale, married. Though it is not without a great measure of conflict, especially when Monroe’s parents disapprove of the company he keeps.
  • The Royals, headed by Viktor, chased after Adalind’s baby. However, Nick and the team devised a plan that led to the baby being safely hidden away by Nick’s mom, well out of the hands of the Royals. The problem? Adalind has no idea and thinks Renard gave away their baby to Viktor.
  • In the tumultuous finale, Adalind uses spells to remove Nick’s abilities as a Grimm and gets on a plane to head to Europe and into Viktor’s arms, believing that he has her child.

So that’s the skinny on what happened during season three of Grimm. Once again, the new season will begin this Friday, October 24th, at 9pm on NBC. Check it out!

If you need to catch up on the episodes you can find them on iTunes, Amazon Prime Streaming, and on NBC’s website.

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