If there’s anything that’s noticeable about Fall Out Boy, it’s that they encourage everyone in their fan base to be their own superheroes. That might be why they did Fall Out Toy Works a few years ago. That series was… a thing not worth dwelling on for too long.

I definitely cannot say the same for their new song ‘Immortals,’ which is the premiere song from the soundtrack to Big Hero 6. While no explicit references are made to the movie in the song, it was definitely obvious that the song was written with the themes and story of the movie in mind. Pete Wentz even confirmed this in a recent blog post, confirming that the band had multiple meetings with the film’s crew while working on the song and that it ends up playing a big part of the film.

Sonically, the track definitely has the feel I’ve gotten from the trailers I’ve seen for Big Hero 6. It’s colorful, slick, and futuristic, but also completely heroic. I totally get the feeling that I can take on a big group of evil robots when I listen to it, which is probably what the band was going for. Not to mention the way Patrick Stump’s voice drives the track is astounding. I said it in my ‘Centuries’ review, but the band is certainly on their way to becoming the Queen of our generation. If this is their ‘Princes of the Universe,’ I can live with that.

However, the first few times I listened to the song and started taking apart the lyrics, I wasn’t thinking of Big Hero 6. I wasn’t even thinking of Marvel. I was thinking of The Wicked + The Divine. Wentz’s current lyrical themes of being remembered made me think of the series slightly with ‘Centuries,’ but ‘Immortals’ takes those thoughts to another level. “We could be immortals, just not for long” vibes on that same level with “Just because you’re immortal, doesn’t mean you’re going to live forever.” Not to mention the themes of faith and futures. Maybe ‘Immortals’ is a bit more optimistic than the Kieron Gillen penned series about gods possessing teenagers and becoming pop stars, but I feel like Wentz and Gillen would get along swimmingly over the stuff that keeps popping up in their writings.

Though, I will say that the opening line of ‘they say we are what we are, but we don’t have to be’ is infinitely more superhero than god.

Even with the lyrics that make me think of a series from a completely different comics house, ‘Immortals’ is a driving track that shows that Fall Out Boy might be the musical superheroes our generation needs. Plus, if I wasn’t already hyped for Big Hero 6, knowing that Fall Out Boy plays a big part in the movie’s soundtrack certainly drives that hype over the edge.

I have no idea when the Big Hero 6 soundtrack releases, but you can listen to the track above and purchase it on iTunes.

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