It’s been about six months since the end of season one of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and we left off on a bit of a cliffhanger. You can read my recap of the season finale ‘Charges and Specs’ here, but the TL;DR version is this:

  • Detective Jake Peralta has been “fired” from the NYPD after an investigation of community leader Lucas Wint was revealed to be a small part of a larger FBI investigation against the Ianuchi crime family. He is currently undercover with them investigating the Ianuchi’s and the season 2 premiere is expected to be the end of this six month period.
  • Peralta also confessed his romantic feelings for Detective Amy Santiago, who is dating another officer named Teddy. He knows it is likely to go nowhere, but he still confessed just in case the Ianuchi case went south.
  • Detective Charles Boyle, suffering a recent breakup with his fiancĂ© Vivian, has become completely inconsolable. After a several attempts by his fellow detectives to make him feel better and a fake out that made it seem like he was going to sleep with his former unrequited flame Detective Rosa Diaz, he ended up taking Gina Linetti’s advice of meaningless rebound sex… With Gina. Neither of them were really big on this when they found out the next morning.

With less than a week until we return to the Nine-Nine, will Peralta come back to the force in one piece? Will Santiago return his romantic feelings or will that be left unsaid? Will Gina and Boyle deal with the fact they slept together? And what will we see of Scully and Hitchcock now that they’re regular cast members as well? Hopefully, we’ll get all of these answers in more when season 2 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine premieres on September 28th at 8:30 p.m!


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