I’ll admit, for several years, I’ve been on the “roll my eyes at any mention of Tim Burton” train. For a guy who had been involved in some of my favorite films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Big Fish, it definitely felt like his work had become self-parody of his own tropes in the past few years. Even the full length, stop motion Frankenweenie fell short on such a great proof of concept.

However, in the trailer for his latest film Big Eyes, it feels like we’re seeing a return of the subtle Tim Burton. The one that can focus on weird subjects without trying to make the world around them weird. Well, maybe a little weird, but it’s in their heads.

The film focuses on artist Margaret Keane, who’s works featuring waifish girls with big eyes became famous in the 50s and 60s. However, they became famous under the name of her husband Walter, who claimed that he painted the girls after Margaret won a $4 million lawsuit in damages off of Walter and up until his death in 2000. Starring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz as Margaret and Walter Keane, it will follow the timeline of the two between their first meeting to the 1986 court case where Margaret proved it was her who had been behind the paintings for years.

While the film isn’t coming out for several months, it’s very refreshing to see this version of Tim Burton again. It’s his first biopic since 1994’s Ed Wood and his first film focusing on a completely human story since Big Fish. I’m also a big fan of Amy Adams and I hope that this might be the performance that finally wins her an Oscar.

Big Eyes comes out on December 25, and also stars Krysten Ritter, Terence Stamp, and Jason Schwartzman. Check out the trailer for it below.


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  1. I’m bias in the sense that I’ve loved Burton since Ed Wood. I enjoy Johnny Depp immensely BUT I agree. The lack of Depp/Bonham Carter actually WORKS for this trailer — maybe it’s cause out female lead this time is a babe; just me?
    Either way, I agree with your wording, bring on a second trailer!


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