Teen Wolf: Orphaned (4×06)

by Elise Kulik

Synopsis:  Garrett holds Liam hostage, Chris and Scott have a run in with Kate, Meredith the banshee dies, along with a pack of werewolves, and “Derek” cracks the last third of the deadpool.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

There was a lot of Tumblr hype before this episode premiered about the meaning of the title. As Stiles is the only main character on the show with only one surviving parent, the prevailing theory was that Daddy Stiles would end up dead.

Though the season could probably benefit from some high stakes risks involving main characters and their potential safety, the Sheriff’s death is not in the cards this week.

Murder Couple are both orphans, hence the title*- this fact seems to have no relevance whatsoever to the rest of the plot, though, so take this snippet as you will. Maybe Violet garroted people because her parents never held her enough as a child. I dunno. #NoCharacterDevelopment


So this week, there was a lot of action onscreen but not a ton of plot advancement. Scott finds a ton of money in Garrett’s locker and doesn’t know what to do with it by the end of the episode. Also, the lacrosse player from last week’s episode was healed by our friendly neighborhood supernatural veterinarian, and his mutterings lead Malia and Derek to a pack of dead Buddhist wolves and an injured Braeden. Why are they Buddhist wolves? No one knows. #PlotHole

Anyway, the major drama comes from Garrett kidnapping Liam. Apparently the Teen Wolf set people have been eagerly awaiting the chance to use the well they bought last season (the things I read on Tumblr.) and here’s their chance. Garrett throws Liam down the well and ransoms his safety for Violet’s escape.


Unfortunately, Kate Argent gets to Violet before Scott and Garrett can- both of the orphans die either by Kate or by her berserker minions. Liam gets himself out of the well with the help of some inspirational flashbacks from his dad and Scott.

Meanwhile, Lydia, Stiles, and Hot Officer Parrish are trying to get the cipher for the last third of the deadpool. You know what that means!

Time to harass Meredith at Eichen House yet again. This time Mer’s not very helpful- she tells the crew she’s not allowed to help them with the last cipher key because ‘He’ won’t like it.So Mer knows The Benefactor. Poor Mer. Lydia will not lay off the interrogation even though Mer’s clearly distressed and Parrish tells her to quit.

After bringing Mer to the breaking point at Eichen House, Lydia and Stiles crack the last third of the cipher with the name of someone who will die in the future: Derek. Just after the list decrypts, there’s a phone call.

Meredith has been found dead in her room. It looks like she hanged herself, but with her name on the deadpool, who knows?


The episode closes with Peter promising to help Kate control her transformations. This way, Kate can be accepted back into the Argent fold. But what about Peter- what does he get out of the bargain? Peter gets what Peter always gets: a self-satisfied smirk and the chance to screw other characters over.

*Back to the title: I suppose that Mer’s death also makes Lydia an orphan in a sense- she is the only one of her kind in the show now that Mer’s gone. In that case, I wholeheartedly approve of this construction of the episode’s title.


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