The Vampire Diaries Retrospective

Well, folks, this is it. After 7 seasons of vampy-witchy-Original-heretic-Newcomer-traveller-Anchor-werewolf-doppelganger ridiculousness, at long last, everything is finally ending. Oh, how far we’ve come from the story of Elena Gilbert, the girl who just lost her parents and discovered the hot, new kid in school is supernatural. Seriously though. This show has gotten so […]

Doctor Who: Kill the Moon Recap

[youtube=] Doctor Who: Kill the Moon (8×07) Synopsis: The year is 2049, and there’s something very, very wrong with the moon. The Doctor and Clara, accompanied by student Courtney, find themselves thrown into a situation teeming with man-eating spiders, unlikely aliens, and nuclear weapons. Clara is faced with a decision […]