One of the best parts of Alice in Wonderland is when she stops falling down the rabbit hole and now has to find a way into Wonderland. I mean, who would honestly take the advice of a doorknob and drink a strange liquid that just so happened to appear on a table? Not I. But I am perfectly happy having a small drink me bottle to remind me to always be curious, seeking, and crafty.

What you’ll need for this DIY:

  • Small Bottle (find these in the scrapbook section)
  • Clear Elmer’s Craft Glue
  • Blue Food Dye
  • Toothpick (or anything long and pointy)
  • String and Paper (to make the label)
  • Pen
  • Matches or Lighter (optional)

Option to make into a necklace:

  • Chain
  • Jump Rings
  • Wire

1. Uncork the bottle. Place the cork in a safe place. If you are opting to make this into a necklace, pierce the cork through the middle long wise with the wire, and cut a quarter of an inch from the top. Create a small loop on top, and coil the bottom flat against the cork.

2. Fill the bottle about halfway with glue. Add one drop of food dye, and mix well. Once it is mixed throughout, fill to the neck with more glue, and mix again.

3. After mixing, place the cork on the bottle firmly. If you want to make sure it won’t move, add glue to the sides before placing in bottle.

4. Set the bottle aside the bottle and grab your string, paper, and pen. After poking a hole in the paper to string it, write “Drink Me” in any fancy font you choose. If you grabbed some matches or a lighter, now would be the time to break those out and burn the edges to give an “old” feel.

5. Tie the string around the bottle. If you chose the necklace route, add a jump ring to the top loop you created, and string the necklace. Step back and admire your brand new Drink Me bottle.

Go out and amaze your friends with your craftiness. Be careful of rabbits with waistcoats, talking cats, and caterpillars that smoke! And if you haven’t gotten a dose of madness lately, go back and watch the movie, or read the book. Then come back and tell us your favorite part!

*Let it be known that the author does not advise drinking the contents of this bottle and cannot be held liable should a person decide to drink the glue. *

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  1. That last reminder made me laugh out loud 😀 I am in love with Alice in Wonderland! I was just finished reading the book AND watching the movie in preparation for a fanfic tht I am writing. My favorite parts were her conversations with the Caterpillar/Absolem. It is totally bonkers! XD

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