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dividerKoolernaut Digital Beer Insulator and Chiller


Listen, what you need to show up all your friends at the party is a fancy koozie that tells the temperature of your beer – trust me. On one side, you get the temperature of your beer currently and on the other you get a handy-dandy suggested beer temperature chart. But if you want to get really fancy, you can get the ice puck to stick at the bottom of this fancy koozie that will keep cooling down your beer as you drink it. They can work separately and together and they’ve even made it so that international Koolernauts show the temperature in Celsius.

Ends July 28, 2014.

Rewards Under $20: For $15, you’ll get your very own Koolernaut! And for $20, you’ll get the whole set-up – one Koolernaut and one ice puck to stick in the bottom to keep your drink cooling as you drink it.

The Beach Vault

So this is another ingenious thing you get to show up your friends at the beach. The Beach Vault is that red thing you see in the gif up there and comes with and without the easy-access towel. It screws into the sand and holds an impressive amount of valuables that you can then safely and comfortably lay on without worrying about them getting stolen. They were so popular during their first Kickstarter run that they came back a second time and have already been fully funded!

Ends August 1, 2014.

Rewards Under $20: For $20, you’ll get the Beach Vault (without the towel), but hurry! It’s an early bird special at that price and there are only a few left. The regular price is $25 and after that, the price jumps up to $35, but it does come with the special towel and pillow!

Coolest Cooler


The point of the Coolest is to update your old cooler for the 21st century – and it does masterfully. Sadly, you won’t get it for anywhere near under $20, but let’s look at the awesome features it offers anyway. There’s a built in blender, waterproof wireless speakers, a USB charger, an LED lid light, a gear tie-down, storage space for plates and knives, a split lid and dividers for the actual cooler, as well as beach tires to make rolling it around as easy as possible. It also has a bottle opener – just in case. There are clearly endless uses for the coolest and I think it succeeds wonderfully in bringing us all up to speed on the old cooler. Watch the video on the Kickstarter page to be really impressed with it in action.

Ends August 29, 2014.

Rewards Under $20: For $25, you’ll get a reusable plastic cup with the Coolest logo and a “COOLEST Blended Drinks Guide,” as well as updates on the project. The Coolest itself will set you back $185.


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