Recently, we met with Justin Zimmerman in Portland, Oregon, who currently has a Kickstarter for his latest comic SAFE. Check out our article on the project and enter the giveaway going on for some of Zimmerman’s other works!

dividerCon*Quest Adventure Journal – A Journal for Comic Cons


We’re at the height of con-season in the summers and this journal aims to make life a whole lot easier for the savvy con-goers who want to make the most of their experiences – and then keep them nicely organized! There are seven different sections to utilize as you’re experience your con of choice: the autograph quest, the artist quest, the cosplay quest, the panel quest, the peep quest, the vendor quest, and the city quest. It comes with 32 pages to move about and customize to your liking, as it’s fitted to a standard 3-ring binder, and includes 4 plastic sleeves, a zippered pocket, a business card holder, and a sharpie. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect way to document your con-experience, nothing is going to satisfy you!

Ends July 30, 2014.

Rewards Under $20: For $5, you’ll get a Con*Quest Adventure Journal bookmark. For $10, you’ll get a tote bag and a bookmark. To get the actual journal, you’ll have to spend $30, but it comes with so much that I’m hardly complaining about that!

 Speakeasy: A Mob-Themed Hidden Role Party Game


Speakeasy is a party game, like Werewolf or Mafia, that takes approximately 75 minutes to play and 10 – 25 people. Once it starts, the game happens all at once, with no waiting for turns. Each player gets a team (the mob or the feds, as seen above), a secret role, and a password to use. Then, you must scheme your way into finding your teammates, identifying the other team’s passwords and roles, and figuring out the rat to win. If you’re not quite sold on the game yet and want to see how easily you and your friends can pick it up, there’s even a beta version you can download and test out before making your pledge.

Ends July 29, 2014.

Rewards under $20: If you pledge $1 and the $15,000 stretch goal is reached, you’ll get a finalized PDF version of the game sent to you. We all missed the early bird special of the game, but for $25 you can get your very own copy of Speakeasy sent to you!

Potato Salad


That’s… actually it. Some guy wanted $10 to make potato salad and, at writing this, he’s up over $4,200 and over 700 backers. He’d done a Reddit AMA and expanded his horizons to not just one potato salad, but four potato salads. The stretch goals have gotten increasingly more hilarious and if you’re in the Columbus, Ohio area, you can get in on the party – as the whole internet is invited! If that’s too far for you to travel, dig out some change from the couch and get yourself some of the rewards.

Ends August 2, 2014.

Rewards Under $20: For $1, you’re on the list to have your name said out loud during the making of potato salad. or $2, you’ll get a picture of Zack making the potato salad. For $5, you’ll get the previous rewards, as well as the ability to suggest an ingredient for the potato salad and a bite of potato salad! All other rewards levels under $20 are sold out, but for $25, you get all of those things (even the bite!) plus a hat.

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