So you want to make a snarky bookmark? Well you are in luck. Soon you will know the basics of cross stitching your very own, rude page marker.

First, gather your materials. You will need:

  • Bookmark. Find this pre-made in your local craft store’s cross stitching/embroidery section.
  • Thread of your choice of color. The embroidery kind. You know, the stuff friendship bracelets are made out of.
  • Needle. Not any normal sewing needle. A size 24 cross stitch needle. Find this hanging above the threads.
  • Graph paper (optional)

1. Decide on the saying you want on your bookmark. For this DIY, we will be using “Go Away.”  The chart for the words can be found here:

2. Fold your bookmark in half both ways to find the center. After doing so, find the center of the saying. This is where we will start.

3. Those x’s are what we are going to follow. To start, cut a piece of thread about as long as your forearm. Now separate it into three pieces. Thread it onto your needle.

4. To make the stitch, poke your needle through the center hole, back to front. Don’t pull the thread all the way out. Now find the corner to the upper right of where you are, poke down. Crossing over the not long tail you left, find the hole just below, and bring that needle back up. Find the upper left corner and take it down. You made your first stitch! To continue, follow the x’s, alternating lower right corner starts, and upper right corner starts. Just make sure your top thread always crosses bottom right to top left.

5. Once you are done with a section of thread, take your needle to the back, and run it through a few of those loops you have created. Cut the thread close to the work and thread a new piece to start again. If you’ve finished with the x’s, hold it out and admire your gorgeous work. You have created a snarky bookmark to express your feelings while reading without having to take your eyes off the page to tell those annoying people who just have to talk to you during the good parts to leave. Now go, create more, and read more, you crafty bibliophile you.


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