Project 2525: The World Speed Project Bus Conversion


If you’re prone to getting black-out drunk and spending money on the internet, you should probably not be reading these round-ups – but you should especially not be reading about this project. It’s equal parts hilarious, absurd, and just strange enough where I almost want to throw all of my money at it. The World Speed Project is all about collecting every copy of Speed on VHS, and while they helpfully provide an address to send any copies that you may have lying around your house, this Kickstarter in particular is to upgrade the bus they own. It needs some maintenance to make it tour-ready, as well as a custom paint job to make it look like the bus from Speed.  If you’ve got extra VHS tapes of Speed or extra money, I fully support your decisions while black-out drunk.

Under $20 Rewards: For $5, you’ll get a thank you note and a WSP sticker. For $20, you’ll get the thank you note, sticker, and a poster stating that, “I helped jump the bus!”

Ends June 11, 2014.

 Popup Dungeon – A Tabletop Inspired Video Game


If you couldn’t tell by my previous featuring of the KitRex, I love papercrafts. Popup Dungeon really amps up papercraft by turning it into an RPG game that gives you the ability to create weapons, enemies, and heros, where the only limit is what you can imagine. You get the ability to create everything from scratch or use pre-made things to kick off your adventures. They’ve also decided to pursue a Dungeon Master mode, where not only you can play with your friends, but one of you can control the story. I love that it’s simple enough for anyone to pick up and play, but that there are literally an infinite amount of things to do so it’ll be impossible to get bored.

Under $20 Rewards: For $15, you’ll get a Steam key for Popup Dungeon, including early access to the game and an exclusive in-game charm. For $20, you’ll get all of that, plus a Steam key for the Triple B. Title’s first game, Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages.

Ends May 18, 2014.

Hardcore Luchador – Let’s Print Issue 2!


If you didn’t have a wrestling phase… you’re lying. Hardcore Luchador is an action-fantasy comic with a wrestling twist, following El Fuego and El Muerto through a mysterious world underneath the wrestling mat. Those two aren’t even really friends, just tag team partners  who have to fight their way through all sorts of crazy foes, like Goliath Gooker. The comic sounds like a campy throwback to the glory days of wrestling in the 80s, while bringing in a lot of absurd enemies to put the hurt on. I also really like the art on the Kickstarter and the creators promise more, more, more craziness in the second issue that they are trying to get printed.

Under $20 Rewards: For $1, you can instantly download Issue 1. Do this, so you can decide whether you want to back this project for more money! $10 will get you the instant PDF of Issue 1, a physical copy of Issue 2, a sticker, and a button. For $15, you can get everything at the $10 level, plus a physical copy of Issue 1!

Ends May 25, 2014.

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