Did you ever stand against the wall during PE and watch as all of your classmates were chosen to be on a team while you stayed put? Were you glued to the wall until the only other person was chosen and the team leader stared you down, grimaced, and beckoned for you to join their team?

Well, erase those memories because you have a chance to be a part of a team that will surpass all other teams. The team in question is one you can brag about to your old classmates when you show up at your 20 year reunion. You have the chance to be a part of a team headed up by Captain Kirk himself.

Wait, what?
captain kirk 1

Yup, that’s right, the Star Trek King William Shatner has agreed to participate in Misha Collins’ GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) and is auctioning off a slot on his team for charity.

You might be asking, “what is GISHWHES and why would I want to participate in it?” Well, GISHWHES was started by Supernatural actor Misha Collins. It is a worldwide scavenger hunt which encourages people to get out of their homes and go do fun, crazy, and caring things. Interested participants sign up through the website and begin to form teams. The team can be comprised of people you’ve met and interact with on a daily basis, friends who are off in other states or countries, or you can choose to team up with strangers from all over the globe.

Whatever you choose, you’ll end up as part of a team that has a single quest: complete as many of the items on the official GISHWHES scavenger hunt list as possible throughout the week of the event. As team members complete the various items, they’re asked to take a picture of the results as proof of the task. For each completed item, your team will receive a certain number of points that will contribute to the over-all score for the event.

The team with the most points at the end of the scavenger hunt gets whisked away on an all expenses paid adventure to hang out with Misha Collins and the other members of their team.

One of the coolest things about this event is the focus on doing good for others. GISHWHES has never been about just going out and being weirdos, it is about bringing people together to go out and live.

“Gishwhes believes that ‘normalcy’ is overrated and that true ‘living’ can be found hidden under the rocks of community artistic creation and in acts of artistic sublime public performances. More importantly, we are all artists and have gifts for society no matter what our capabilities or talents. And most importantly, cheese is not a good sewing material” (from the WEBSITE)

So that’s GISHWHES and it sounds awesome. What’s even more awesome is that you can raise money for charity by bidding on a chance to participate in this event with William Shatner as your Captain.

For the past 23 years, Shatner has led the charge to raise money for children’s charities by holding a horse show in Los Angeles, California. The Hollywood Charity Horse Show (presented by Wells Fargo) is slated for a little later this month and is currently in the middle of its annual silent auction.


“Today, the Priceline.com Hollywood Charity Horse Show, Sponsored by Wells Fargo is an ongoing event that garners national press coverage. On one special spring Saturday evening each year, the HCHS brings together world-class reining horses and riders in breathtaking slides and spins as they compete for top honors in their respective classes. Then, as the sun sets, the much anticipated auction and music show put on by headline groups such as Brad Paisley, Ben Folds, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow and Randy Travis, kick off right after an amazing array of food & fun.” (From the WEBSITE)

There are a lot of items up for auction as you can see HERE, but at the top of that list is the aforementioned chance to be a part of an epic event as a member of a GISHWHES team led by Shatner. It is a once in a lifetime kind of experience up for auction and should be any Trekkie’s dream, which is why I wanted to bring attention to it.

Also, the money goes to charity, and I’m a huge fan of supporting good causes.

Of course, if you can’t afford the 500+ dollar price tag, or you’re just not a fan of bidding wars, there are many other items available for sale. If none of that interests you, then you can also donate directly to the Hollywood Charity Horse Show.

It is always refreshing to see celebrity icons stepping up to tangibly help people in need. As a long time Trekkie, I’m proud to see people I looked up to when I was young out doing good things for the world around them. So I hope you’re as inspired as I am to jump in and help out.

Plus, if you end up winning the bid for a spot on William Shatner’s team we’d love to interview you about the experience!

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