Kickstarter has already seen $112 million in pledges in the first quarter of 2014, with each day averaging over $1 million in pledges. The Kickstarter blog breaks down those numbers, as well as providing updates for some previously funded projects, in a recent blog post found here. The varied projects that have found success has always been something of interest to me.


KitRex: the 3D paper velociraptor that you build yourself!


You can’t tell by that picture, but your very own KitRex is going to be three feet tall and you get to pick the color! If you’re not sold based on the thought of having a badass three foot tall velociraptor of your very own, I’m not sure there’s anything I can say to convince you. The creator did an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit and if you watch the video on her Kickstarter page (or click here), you can see her 15-foot velociraptor inspiration in action. It’s a no-mess papercraft product that will make everyone jealous of you (I would be jealous anyway) and is sturdy enough to stand on its own. The creator also tested the KitRex with kids, making sure that it was easy and fun for them – and not just 20-somethings who want a velociraptor (that’s me, have I mentioned I want a velociraptor yet?).

Under $20 Rewards: For $5, you’ll get a thank you card, but for $20 (because we all missed the early bird special), you’ll get a KitRex in your choice of color (she’s even offering a rainbow one!).

Ends April 29, 2014.

a secret sci-fi film shot in China • ??? starring Ai Weiwei


This project might be the most interesting one I’ve come across on Kickstarter. It’s a dystopian sci-fi film, set in the not-so-distant-future, focusing on a smuggler in a world without water. But what really makes it interesting is the cast, Ai Weiwei makes his acting debut, and the setting, shot in secret in China. Ai Weiwei is the famous dissident artist under surveillance by the Chinese Government, which at one point interrupted a meeting between Ai Weiwei and the creator. The film was already shot in secret, due to all the circumstances surrounding it, but the Kickstarter money would go towards editing in post-production and paying off other remaining production expenses. All in all, it’s meant to be a ten minute prelude to a feature film, but even just getting to see who was involved and how this film got made might be worth a fascinating look at the project.

Under $20 Rewards: For $1, you’ll get a look at all of those behind the scenes updates, stories, pictures, and videos, if you’re more interested in the process than the final product. For $11, you’ll get a thanks in the film credits and the ability to see this film before everyone else, as well as all of the updates!

Ends May 3, 2014.

HABITAT: A Thousand Generations in Orbit


There are three main parts to this real-time strategy game, set to debut on PC, Mac, Linux, and Xbox One. The first part is building your Habitat from any floating space-junk your heart desires. Once you’ve built it, you’ve got to make it move by throwing rockets on that Habitat of yours. Once you’ve got a mobile Habitat, you can fight neighboring Habitats, salvaging their busted Habitats to be attached to your own. 4gency is offering a sandbox mode, as well as a campaign mode, and the ability to upgrade resources and research to make your Habitat the best it can be. They’ll be at Pax East next weekend and you really have to watch the video and check out the gifs on their Kickstarter page to appreciate the beautiful visuals of the game. If nothing else, the endless combinations of space junk to make Habitats would provide hours of entertainment.

Under $20 Rewards: For $20, you’ll get a DRM-free copy of Habitat for PC, Mac, or Linux, plus the digital concept art booklet for Habitat, and three wallpapers for your computer.

Ends May 2, 2014.

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