The Walking Dead: Us Recap

[youtube=] The Walking Dead: Us (4×15) Synopsis: Glenn’s group continues the search for Maggie, putting everyone else at risk while doing so, while Daryl learns the rules of his new group. Rating: ★★★★☆ Eugene and his mullet of knowledge give Abraham a good run for his money as my favorite sometimes, as […]

The Walking Dead: Claimed Recap

[youtube=] The Walking Dead: Claimed (4×11) Synopsis: A tense episode that peeks into Michonne’s past and Rick’s will to survive. Meanwhile, Glenn’s fate and the fate of the world may become intertwined. Rating: ★★★★☆ In the back of a military vehicle, Tara is writing the names of roads down on her hand […]

Zombies, Run! Update Boasts Streamlined Features and Base Customizability

[youtube=] Season 2 of the wildly popular running app Zombies, Run! may have been officially released in April, but the apocalyptic game’s recent update has been what users have been waiting for (even if they didn’t know it). Last week brought a massive overhaul of the old interface, revamping the […]