periareionI can’t play action games to save my avatar’s life, but I have such fond memories of Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri that this Kickstarter is bringing back. PeriAreion is a real-time strategy game that plops you and your team of colonists down on Mars, where the goal is to build a self-sustaining colony. It’s set in the near future and based upon technology and information currently available about Mars, allowing you to choose from one of three sites for your base. The game is meant to be as realistic as possible, while still being fun. Sadly, this means no aliens, but it does include random events that can both help and hurt your colony! And don’t skip the video, it’s great to watch the creators pronounce PeriAreion over and over again!

Under $20 Rewards: For $5, you’ll get an official PeriAreion mission patch sticker. $10 will get you the previous reward, plus a digital download of the completed game. For $20, you’ll get everything at the lower levels and a physical CD of the original soundtrack for the game.

Ends April 9, 2014.

The Red Solstice

redsolsticeFor anyone who prefers their Mars-set video games with more aliens, The Red Solstice has you covered. Another real-time game that sends you on a mission to discover what happened to a lost colony, this tactical game has the player focus on survival. It’s a player co-op game, allowing up to 8 people to form a team, that allows you to pick from 8 different classes for your character. The Kickstarter page provides a demo link for anyone who wants to test out the game before pledging. It offers creative levels of difficulty, randomized gameplay for repeat play-throughs, and a sandbox map that allows you to roam freely. I personally really love the look of the aliens, they’re menacing enough to keep you up at night.

Under $20 Rewards: $3 will get you a set of digital wallpapers from the game. For $12, early bird backers will get a Steam Key for the full digital game, the set of wallpapers, and early access to Beta testing. If you’re not one of the first 200 to pledge for that level, $15 will get you the same thing, so hurry!

Ends April 20, 2014. 

Night Terrace

nightterraceAnd now for something completely different! This Kickstarter wants to fund an eight-part science fiction audio comedy series about a woman whose house inexplicably begins to travel in time and space. Accompanied by a man who happened to be on her porch when these weird events started occuring, Anastasia – who used to work for the government and save the world – will face aliens, monsters, and the worst of all, something so scary it’s only known as “Sue.” This sounds like something hilarious for fans of Doctor Who or Welcome To Night Vale, with the added bonus of providing a female lead for these adventures!

Under $20 Rewards: For $10 AUD (or about $9 USD), you’ll get the first two episodes, approximately 50 minutes of audio, with the opportunity to purchase the rest of the episodes for another $15 AUD at a later date. Spring for $25 AUD (or about $23 USD) up front and you’ll get the entire first series in a digital download.

Ends April 11, 2014.

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  1. Looks decent, I am not into these sort of space games too much though, I maybe should see what they are like, at least in the regards of Sid Mier’s Alpha Centauri if not this game or this try this game.

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