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Ever since I was a little kid my family has had a thing about buying movies. It’s just something we do. By the time my mom got rid of our VHS collection we probably had close to a thousand movies. In every house we’ve lived in (and we’re military so we’ve lived in quite a few) we’ve always had a ‘movie closet.’ That’s how many movies we had. This probably explains my obsession with collecting cheap blu-rays. I love blu-rays. I love quality and I love extra features so if I could I’d watch every movie in blu-ray format I’d be a pretty happy camper.

Any time I see a deal on a movie I want I’ll bite. I have no self control when it comes to buying blu-rays. Except for one: Iron Man. I can’t justify spending $25-30 on a movie that’s been out since 2008. I’ll buy pretty much any movie so long as it’s under $15 and, sadly, most Disney and Marvel movies usually never get that cheap. Usually.

See, friends, the Internet has taught me how to get nine Disney blu-rays for stupid cheap.

Just how cheap are we talking here?

How does nine blu-rays for less than ninety dollars sound?

Pretty cheap, right? Pretty awesome, too.

You get your first five for just one dollar, a sixth for $11.95, and a seventh for $8.95 with free shipping on all seven and then an eighth and ninth for $29.95 each + shipping.

It breaks down to about $10 per movie.

To put that into perspective here most Disney and Marvel blu-rays rarely drop to even $20 even on I mean, yeah, there are some exceptions to that rule. The Incredible Hulk, for example, is currently $12.96 and Bolt is $11.80. But the Avengers two-disc blu-ray combo pack? That’s just over $25. And Cinderella? Or Peter Pan (which is about to go back into the vault)? Both sitting right around $25, too. They are expensive and the demand is there so their movies rarely drop.

That’s where the Disney Movie Club comes in.

What is the Disney Movie Club?

Simply put, the Disney Movie Club is a club for people who want to get Disney movies at discounted prices. That’s the basic gist of it. You sign up for this club and you get access to exclusive discounts, deals, promotional offers and more. When you join you agree to certain membership obligations. Essentially what they want you to do is agree to buy a certain number of movies at full price within a certain time frame. You do that and they keep up their end of the deal by letting you get movies for super cheap. (Otherwise they automatically charge you full price for the enrollment movies you got for $1.)

I mean, right now, there’s promotion going on where pretty much any movie you could want is just $15 (plus shipping and tax). Frozen is currently available for pre-order for just $12.95.

Now, head sup. The Disney Movie Club is an automated sort of system. You sign up and unless you decline one of their featured offers you’ll be charged for it and have the blu-rays mailed out to you. The good news is you have plenty of time and plenty of ways to decline those offers. And if you do forget or they accidentally charge you anyway the customer service people are awesome and easy to work with. Plus, you can cancel any time after you buy your obligated number of movies. So if you don’t want to deal with the monthly featured mailings then you don’t even have to.

All I really care about is getting the blu-rays. How does that work?

Well, it’s pretty simple. You just have to sign up for the Disney Movie Club. Upon signing up you get to pick five enrollment titles to get for $1 with free shipping and everything! Then you get an offer for two more at discounted prices (and free shipping). Then, per the membership agreement, you buy two more for full price. That’s sort of the catch. Not that it’s actually a catch, really. Buying two more at full price just makes all nine movies average out to about $10 each. I mean, technically you need to buy three at full price ($29.95 or more) according to the agreement but your fifth movie counts as one of those three so you’ve just got to buy two more. Plus you’ve got two years to buy your last two full priced movies so you only need to put about $22 down up front.

Just go to the Disney Movie Club website to sign up and get started.

Use this Code

The five for $1 deal is not automatic. You need to use a special code: 10042B. That’s the code I used, anyway. I got it from the Disney Movie Club thread on According to RetailMeNot, there are a handful of other codes you can use, too. Some even appear to have additional perks. The important thing here is that you need to use a code.

To use the code, click the red ‘click here’ button underneath where it says “Have a promotion code?” Because, yes. You do. You have a promotion code. So make sure to use it!

Your First Five Blu-rays

Right, so, your first five blu-rays are your ‘enrollment selections.’ If you sign up online not every movie in the Disney catalog is available. It’s limited. But the selections are still pretty fantastic. My first five selections were Iron Man, Tangled, Finding Nemo, the Little Mermaid, and Robin Hood. I also got Monsters, Inc. and Up. which are also selections. Other options include the rest of the Iron Man movies, the Avengers, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Brave, the Toy Story movies, Brave, the Lone Ranger, as well as two-movie combo packs for series like Pocahontas, Mulan, the Rescuers, The Fox & the Hound, and the Hunchback of Notre Dame among tons of others.

You just have to pick five – which is super hard – and you get them each for just $0.20.

Want to see about getting Disney/Marvel movies not included in the online enrollment options? Call up the Disney Movie Club, use the code, and sign up with a real person over the phone and you may be able to convince them to let you add a few movies that you couldn’t get online.

The Sixth and Seventh Blu-rays

After picking out your first five movies for a dollar you get the option to get two more movies. These movies also come from the same limited enrollment selection but don’t feel limited. There were like twenty some odd blu rays I wanted to get. More than that. There are tons of movies. Picking just seven will be the hardest thing you’ve ever done.


The sixth movie costs $11.95 and counts as one of the three movies you’re obligated to buy at full price according to the membership agreement. Except, you know, you don’t have to you don’t have to pay full price for it! The seventh movie will cost you $8.95. You don’t want to skip out on the sixth movie. Paying $11.95 instead of $29.95 is a no brainer. But the seventh movie? That one’s actually optional. You don’t have to get it. But you should. Because a Disney movie (or Marvel movie) is totally worth nine bucks.

The Last Two Blu-rays

Once you’ve paid for the first seven movies you get access to the full available Disney catalog. Which, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to include Star Wars. But it does include basically every other movie. As long as it costs $29.95 or higher you should be good. But if you are confused about whether a movie will count just call up the customer service people. They are super nice and super helpful. You don’t have to just pick your movies from the catalog either. Every month the Disney Movie Club has featured offers with one or two movies at a discounted price and those movies count, too. Each feature offer purchase counts as one of your obligated full price purchases and so that’s another good way to get your last two.

There is one catch, though. You cannot order your last two movies together. The member agreement requires that you pay individual shipping and handling on your featured movies.

What if I don’t use the Code or the Code doesn’t work?

Well, you’re still going to get a deal. The usual deal is four movies for a dollar, a fifth for $14.95 and a sixth for $9.95. Which, you know, is still a really good deal. But unlike with the code your membership obligation is to buy five movies at full price. Well, four more movies at full price since your fifth blu-ray would count towards your three required purchases. And it averages out to about $14 per movie which is still pretty good because even on sale on Black Friday Disney movies don’t really drop below $20. Though, you may have less time to fulfill your obligations under this plan

Okay, so, after I order my movies then what?

If you stay on with the Disney Movie Club after fulfilling your obligations you enter into VIP status and will continue to be able to reap the benefits of the Disney Movie Club’s awesome offers. You will, however, have to decline the featured offers monthly or you’ll be charged for them, have them mailed out to you automatically, and then deal with the hassle of returning them.


After you fulfill your obligations you can cancel your membership. It’s as easy as calling them up and saying, “Hey, I want to cancel my membership.” That’s all you have to do. You’ll no longer be a member, you no longer have to deal with the monthly featured offers, and you’re good to go.


If you choose to stay on, though, you can get even more blu-rays and these ones are free! Just invite your friends and for each friend that signs up and pays for their initial enrollment movies you get two free movies of your ver own.


Decide later that you’ve got want to get some more movies? You can always re-enroll. Or, you can enroll with another family member’s name. Just keep in mind that you can only have one club member per household. So if you and your roommates are all going join to get the super cheap movies you need to make sure that you all pay up and cancel in turn.

This really isn’t a scam?

It’s really not a scam.

The website kind of looks lame and cheap when you first enroll but it’s definitely legit.

Prove it.

My enrollment movies just shipped so as soon as I get them I’ll take a picture.

But here’s a breakdown of my final haul:

$21.90 – My Enrollment Selections

I picked Iron Man, Up, Tangled, The Little Mermaid, Robin Hood, Finding Nemo, and Monsters, Inc. for my seven movies. It was so hard to choose. It was literally the hardest thing I have ever done.

$44.92 – Thor: The Dark World 3D & Frozen (2)

This was not a featured movie deal. The day I joined Thor: The Dark World 3D was on sale for $29.95 and Frozen was up for pre-order for $14.95 with free shipping. So I got both.

$34.95 – Iron Man 3 Three Disc Blu-Ray Combo Pack (1)

This was my last fulfillment movie requirement. I haven’t actually ordered it yet because right now it’s on sale for $20 and I need it to be full price to count it. But that’s fine since I have two years to order it.

Break it down and that’s $102/10 = approx. $10 per title. That’s nine DVD/blu-ray combo packs (some with digital copies included) and a 3D blu-ray combo pack for $10 each. Two of those are pre-orders, too, for movies that haven’t even come out yet! The price for each and every one of my selections was over $25 on which is the only place that could even hope to offer up any competition on pricing.


This deal really speaks for itself. Nine blu-rays. About ten bucks a movie. And once you’ve bought them you can cancel your Disney Movie Club membership and re-enroll later down the line and reap the benefits all over. It’s an amazing deal that anyone and everyone should get in on now.

12 thoughts on “Stock Up on Super Cheap Disney Movies With the Disney Movie Club”

  1. I was under the impression that the 7th movie when signing up does not count towards the nine total films you have to buy (the initial 5 and 4 thereafter). It’s still an amazing deal either way though..

    1. The seventh movie does not count. The sixth does. And you only HAVE to buy the first six and then two more at full price to fulfill your obligations so you could spend just around $80 if you don’t choose to get the seventh.(If you want to do it let me know so I can invite you, lol.)

    2. To further clarify: your obligation is just three movies – not nine. If you don’t use the code it’s five movies. The first bonus movie they offer counts towards your obligation. The second bonus movie does not.

    3. It really is fantastic. I just got my Blue Ray/DVD combo packs of Finding Nemo, Up, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Frozen, Captain America and Thor, the latter 3 also included digital copies!!!

  2. It’s only an amazing deal since Disney is being stingy. money grubbers, and not letting their older movies slide to the $5 rack at Wal-Mart and Shop-Ko like EVERY OTHER MOVIE STUIDO!!!!

    1. $25 or more. Disney blu rays don’t usually get discounted at all even at big box stores. It is very rare you’ll pay less than $20 for a Disney or Marvel film.

  3. I joined earlier this deal with a similar sign-up code. I owned barely any Disney movies for my kids and thought it would be a good way to build our collection. It was super easy to hit the 2 Blu Rays for our commitment, and it’s absolutely been cheaper than buying from Walmart or Amazon.

    Now that I’ve fulfilled my agreement, I’m a VIP member. I recently was able to get the featured selection (a combo pack of Muppet movie films that I didn’t own) with free shipping if I took the bonus offer, which I did. I was then able to get 60% off of titles in the available catalog. With free shipping on all of it.

    I got Blu-Ray combo packs and some DVDs I had been eyeing (no Blu Ray available). SO much cheaper than I’d be able to get elsewhere.

    Oh and I got some free pins out of it, if that’s a perk to anyone.

    Basically I plan on staying in the club indefinitely, so that I can keep on top of what movies are being released from the vault and new releases, and the occasional killer deal for 60% off, etc.

    1. Lol this came up in a Google search again, and apparently I’ve already been here. ANYWAY wanted to say it finally made mathematical sense for me to cancel my membership and rejoin. The promo code on the blu ray forum has a bonus Mickey or Olaf blanket, and again just 2 full-price purchases to complete membership. Except. If you preorder 101 Dalmations and Big Hero 6, they will count. And they are cheaper right now. AND there is a deal for free shipping right now. Doing it this way was cheaper than me keeping my membership and doing the VIP offer.

  4. okay so i signed up using 3 different account cause the thing was 4 movies $1 so after they come in can i cancle my memberships?

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