Tickets are being sold slowly, but surely for San Diego Comic-Con 2014.

As of now, Preview Night is the only day that is sold out, and it is now an hour in and we still have all four-day passes available. So far, there have been no server errors or crashes and people seem to be getting in one by one. The 15 minutes allotted to each person might be the cause of the long wait along with the small amount of people they’re letting in at a time.

Meanwhile the waiting room updates every 2 minutes, or 120 seconds if you’re counting (which I was, SECOND BY SECOND), and updates people in the room with the latest news, or sometimes just a message of encouragement.

I have had doubts about this lottery method, and while we did get three tickets, we are still waiting to get three more. By the way, we have six computers running through six different accounts. The only computer that got in happened to be the first one to enter the waiting room, but it definitely feels random.

The method has its setbacks, and I don’t know if I’ll be as successful next year with tickets if they keep up this format, but so far there have been no real technical problem. And technical problems have actually been the thing that people complain about the most.

The main problem we have seen so far is the waiting period. Previous years have seen quick results. You were in or you were out in a matter of minutes and the painful process was over in half-an-hour. This way, you are sitting for an hour or more, and still could leave empty handed. Many people have suggested a ticketed number be given out to the people waiting so they know where they are in line, and that would be a major positive improvement.

So now, we continue to wait. Check our twitter for updates as time goes on, and good luck to everyone out there trying to get tickets.

Update: 10:13 PST Saturday badge inventory running low.

Update: 10:18 PST Saturday and Friday badges are both low.

Update: 10:24 PST Friday and Saturday badges are out.

Update: 10:40 PST We got Thursday and Sunday tickets for three people.

Sound off, everyone. Which method did you prefer? The waiting game, or first come first serve?

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  1. I have three people waiting and not one of us has had the option to make any purchases. More and more it appears I will not be able to attend after 26 years straight. Hell, my yellow box never changed off of the you have joined the waiting room message.

    Until people complained, I never had a problem doing on-sight reg. Walk up to the Sails Pavilion Friday afternoon and wait 5 min and would prereg. Now it’s nothing but frustration.

    1. Sorry to hear it man. We had six computers and an iPad running and we still only got in with one. Well, we got in with two but the second one had a ‘ID error’ and we couldn’t go back. We were buying for seven but only managed to get three four day badges. The other four people got Thursday/Sunday badges so I guess we’ll all be putting up with the regular registration fiasco, too. Good luck! Hopefully they’ll announce it soon.

    2. The process has changed a lot, I’m glad it’s no longer in person just because the way it is now makes onsite prereg absurd. I remember the year when people stood in line the entire day just to get pre registration and missed out on a day of cc. But despite server crashes, I still favor the old first come, first serve method. I had a proven plan for that.

      1. That was the first year they tried prereg like that and it was the last year they did on-sight prereg. They did that because the year prior, so many people said they waited all day long in some prereg line I never saw or dealt with.

        My mom was able to prereg at 11:30AM, there was only Sunday left and then the system wouldn’t allow her to get a Sunday badge for me.

  2. The year before the lines the nerd rage was about the fact that they sold out of preview night (and maybe 4 day?) at the show when there were no limits on pre-reg. The last year of walk up in the sails pavilion I walked right up to a terminal on Friday or Sat and bought a 4 day plus preview for the next year with 0 hassle. Nerd culture is going to have to jump the shark or they are going to have to split the show before the days of walking up during the con return. This is just the world we live in now.

  3. 1 hour and stil waiting. This is just plane stupid! Information banners are redicilious and completely uninformative. I could have written a better purchase program and process and I did fall off the turnip truck.

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