I feel like from the moment A Million Ways to Die in the West was announced I probably should have been destined to love it. Mostly because it’s set in Arizona and largely in part because of Neil Patrick Harris but also because Seth MacFarlane tends to be freakin’ hilarious. (Plus he’s kind of attractive and I have a thing for his voice. I don’t know. Whatever. Don’t judge me.) But at first I didn’t really know what to think about it. I mean, something like this probably shouldn’t work, right? A Wild West story mixed with modern day humor? It doesn’t really scream ‘This is going to be awesome!’ on it’s own.

But, oh man.

Have you seen the trailers for this movie?

The restricted trailer our media friends sent us was basically amazing. Even my cat was transfixed.

Check it out for yourself below. Just be prepare for a very bloody start and some hilarious moments. Seriously, I’ve watched this trailer about ten times now. Before watching this trailer I didn’t have an opinion about this movie beyond “Eh, I liked Ted so I’ll give it a shot.” Now I have an opinion and that opinion is, “This is going to be freakin’ awesome!


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